Washington D.C. shutdown by Snow

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    The Mayor of Washington D.C. expresses disbelief after repeated heavy snow storms lay more snow on the nations capital than has been seen in multiple centurys. It will be tuesday or later before things can get back to even something close to normal. Grocery stores are empty, roads impassible, and for the most part things have just ground to a halt. An interesting notable quote from the Mayor was, "no one can predict what mother nature will do next."
    well that says it all to me....
    obvious to me (tongue in cheek), this is just another example of out of control GLOBAL WARMING. We have to take action immediately before we all burn to a crisp or drown from raising oceans.[loco][ROFL][stirpot]
    lets turn it over to the UN or our present all knowing government, and let them fix it for us.
    or, is this CHANGE?
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    So, the FedGov was totally shutdown for four whole days.

    AND..... nothing bad happened!

    Heck, we need to shut them down more often. Think of the money to be saved...! [beer]
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    Yea their global warming hoax is a joke.and now their calling it global warming
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