Second Amendment Washington State anti-gun laws stalled in committee (2016)

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    Washington: All Anti-Gun Bills Stall in the House Judiciary Committee


    Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters can breathe a sigh of relief. All anti-gun bills, previously reported on here, have stalled in the House Judiciary Committee. However, this doesn’t mean the fight is over this year. Following news of the stalled legislation, those same anti-gun billionaires who pushed Initiative 594 have announced that they plan to go back to the ballot to accomplish their political agenda.

    Your NRA has heard that the usual suspects are planning to roll out a ballot initiative similar to House Bill 2461. This legislation sought to allow family members or law enforcement to petition the court to issue an “extreme risk protection order,” taking away someone’s Second Amendment rights without due process. At this time, no language exists for the ballot initiative, but extreme versions of this bill have been drafted to allow virtually anyone to petition the court and have the Second Amendment rights of a law-abiding individual stripped away without a judicial proceeding. In most cases, the individual doesn’t even know that they have had their rights removed until it is too late.

    Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated when more information is available.
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    And north of the border..

    This one is interesting.

    "In one recent investigation, Toronto police discovered that Canadian smugglers were attaching handguns and GPS devices to the undercarriages of vehicles owned by Ontario residents attending sports events in the Detroit area. The smugglers then tracked the cars back into Canada, where they removed the weapons without the vehicle owners’ knowledge."
    Canadians crack down on guns, alarmed by flow from U.S.

    MONTREAL — Canada bans most guns and has a minuscule number of gun-
    related homicides a year. But, worried about smuggled firearms from the United States, its government is preparing to stiffen its already tough gun laws and step up border surveillance.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised new regulations and a string of measures to counter gun smuggling, which is regarded here as a dangerous problem underscoring the United States’ much looser firearm laws.

    Canadians crack down on guns, alarmed by flow from U.S.
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    I love the polarizing language. 'Flow of guns' wtf is that really?

    "We're from the US. Here's yer guns boys"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh boy what a law!
    All you need is 50 or 100 or so anti-gun types to go through the phone books and do nothing but petition the courts to have gun rights removed from tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. The billionaires have enough money to employ people to do just that as a full time job.
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    Or your liberal neighbor down the every neighborhood as an action plan of the left.... Targeting every known gun owner in their AO. This screams of abuse of all....

    Constitutionally, it will not past muster...but how much damage and time would pass before it would be invalidated?!
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    Feel like putting up a bunch of "Gun Free Zone " signs every where.
    It makes the liberals nervous .
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    I will not enter any Place with a "Gun Free Zone" sign on the Door... and I will tell the Management, EXACTLY why, they will NOT get my Business...
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