WASR tuneup?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Just got back froma frustrating experience at the range: bought a7.62x39 double stacker WASR /folder a couple of years ago from a Dunhams( century arms)never really shot it much because I couldn'tt seem to get it through a full magazine.Tried 4or5 different(newer) ( surplus) ones today.:oops:

    Is there a mag better suited to the sloppy century arms mag well?, Damn thing is useless! probably hawk it off cheap so I can buy a decent.308 bolt gun.[dunno]

    ( I'm one of the three people who though the Ruger "gunsite special " m77.308 looked great and would do what I ask. Mostly for it to feed and go "BANG" EVERY TIME.

    Is there a standard fix for the sloppy magazine well?[dunno]
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    When they were brought they were fitted with a lower that only took 10 round single stack. Then after the goverment band was lifted or something the companies that had bought them up widen the mag well to take double stack and by grinding them out they don't have the nipples like other AK's to hold the mag tight. I haven't got to try it yet but Im planning on taking on using a welder to put a couple of welds and make the nipples. I dont like them as much but the plastic mags dont wobble as much
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    Thanks dog:
    I'm gonna try a couple of tapco polymer mags and lookinto lining(shimming) the magwell with flat stock. I hate to lose money here but I can't even sell it in good conscience today.
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    I've heard that the Interarms AK is the best non-custom AK on the market today. You might be interested in getting yours to work reliably then turning it and getting an IA AK. Just saying.
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    Thanks I think I can fix the feed issues by eliminating the mag rocking: fore and aft;( the magazine release lever seems short...) I've read that's also a common issue.)

    I'm gonna try some plastic tapco mags first then replace or build a longer mag release lever. To lock the mag in better. Before throwing in the towel.

    It's got a "great" trigger; easyto carry(its gota tapco a foldingstock); and is comfortable to shoot. there's hope yet.
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