Waste reducing techniques you do at your home?

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    Recently, my 9 year old son brought home a project that I also sat down with him to finish it. In the beginning it was some ideas were stolen from the Google and then we discussed what we can do about the project. The project was on recycling of waste that we come across on a daily basis. While learning about it, slowly I was introduced to various facts that hit my consciousness like a blow. I started worrying like crazy and the stage came when I spoke out, "We are doomed".
    Everything natural is getting lost and everything unnatural are taking over. For example, we are working hard and buy a lot of stuff and everything at last ends up in our garbage, but not always in the natural form. Every single day we are disposing it to the world, and it is not good for our earth, our life.
    I'm now really hurt and recently heard a news that our city, Toronto, Waste Management Authority is looking for landfills to dispose the city waste, and which is increasing every single day. Even the private junk removal services like RedBins (Toronto) are looking for ways to dispose the waste without harming the environment and at the same time educating the people the ways to reduce the production of waste in their homes.
    Let's share the ways we can reduce production of waste in our home, and promote more people to do the same.
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    We live in a throw away society. Stuff is made to last for a short period of time. Quality is a thing of the past. I have noticed recently that expensive eggs, the cage free eggs are coming in Styrofoam and plastic cartons. Look at your buying habits. Do you buy the milk in the plastic jug vs. the paper carton? Instead of using baggies everyday to pack your lunch use containers. I use mason jars to carry water/juice to work instead of buying a plastic bottle of the liquid.

    I will admit after years of recycling I stopped. I will stat again but I stopped because the recycling center started charging and every week seemed to change the categories. I was an organized recycler. I had bins and everything was properly sorted but then I would go there and they would declare caps were not recyclable or they didn't want phone books. It got to be a hassle.
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    AlaskaChick and I are firm believers in reCycling, specially our Glass Containers.... We save them up in a Trash Bin, and then when My Brother (The Engineer) comes to visit in Feb, (During Crab Season) we take our Glass down to the Dock, with all the FireArms & a good supply of Ammo, we possess, and chuck them out into the Inlet, and Blast them..... It is a rare occasion that any of them, make their Getaway, before being shattered by a Direct Hit.... The pieces fall to the Floor of the Inlet, (30 fathoms) and over time get ground up, back into Sand, from whence they came....
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    I read an article once about recycling companies that end up putting recycled in land fills. I will try to find it. Also, one company shipped it to a foreign country to be dealt with.
    I found this article, not the exact one I wanted.

    A lot of US plastic isn’t actually being recycled since China put up its Green Fence - Quartz
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