Water crisis hits Boliva - again

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    For some history
    Cochabamba Water War - Wikipedia which is indicative of the entire country.

    Money quote from the piece:
    "On 12 April 2000 when asked about the outcome in Bolivia, World Bank President James Wolfensohn maintained that free or subsidized delivery of a public service like water leads to abuse of the resource; he said, "The biggest problem with water is the waste of water through lack of charging"
    "Another Cochabamba resident and activist during the unrest summed up her opinion of the situation by saying, "afterwards, what had we gained? We were still hungry and poor."
    The activist fails to mention that no sane company will now do business in or with Bolivia. Sadly, the biggest 'enemy of the people' is not international Corporations - but rather the endemic corruption at all levels of Government within Bolivia.

    Current crisis is seen in these reports:
    As water scarcity deepens across Latin America, political instability grows

    World Bank Study Proposes Solutions to Bolivia’s Water Crisis - GlacierHub

    Bolivia declares state of emergency due to drought, water shortage

    Not just "Global warming" (which seems to be responsible for everything bad, everywhere) but endemic corruption, and infrastructure so old as to make you wonder how it still works....
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    Screw 'em. I still haven't forgiven them for shooting Butch n Sundance..
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    it isn't just Bolivia, tho they're is the worst of the lot. Most of S/A is in major drought conditions. And if they can't make it there - where will they go?
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    Amazon basin. We hope.
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    There be head hunters and other man eating critters the walk, crawl, slither, climb, and fly in amazon. Me thinks amazon be good place for bickering, war mongering, city folk to go. It make them strong and adjust their attitude or kill them.
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