Water filters and their efficiency

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    In going down the Woodpile rat hole today, he mentioned a report on water filters, Water Filter Test Results | Best Choice for Backpacking, Survival & More , if you read one report on filters, you must read this one. Some of the most expensive do not filter viruses, some of the cheapest have the highest ratings, overall very well done. The test also mention that there are no official standards and while the advertising may be 100 % true, what they don't mention could kill you.
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    I haven't read it all yet , but that's about the most info I've ever seen on water filters in 1 place . Great post .(y)
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    Very well done article, actually, it's more a 'tutorial.' I got Giardia once before because we weren't boiling our water long enough, was climbing in Nepal so wood and gas was scarce; needless to say, never want that again. It's possible, I got Hep A also from water but I will never know that for sure, that was in Bosnia, also something I never want again... So, I have lots of LifeStraw and water bottle filters. My water storage is a 1500 gallon cistern but I know that is not near enough but one never has enough. The good news is I have a very deep well, 400+ feet so as long as I can apply power and fill the cistern once a day, I'm good. The bad news is I share the well with 5 other neighbors so I don't have full control over it. Back on topic...

    In my opinion, the most important bit of provided information :
    1. "Purifiers and filters are technically different...Water purifiers must remove, kill, or inactivate all types of disease causing organisms from the water, including viruses, according to the EPA. Filters, on the other hand, do not have to protect against viruses."

    2. The NSF standards in clear English plus a direct statement "NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards are not sufficient for portable water filters..."

    3. The number of purifiers/filters tested and their no nonsense findings, again, presented in plain English.

    I have saved this document and will refer to it when I select my next Purifier am going to look at a couple that ensure deletion of viruses like the Grayl, LifeStraw Mission or Renovo and also want to look into the Katadyn which I am not familiar with...

    Thanks, Duane!
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    looks great................thanks a lot
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