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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Had talked to Najda about water filtering/purifying he as usual had the best ideas....Just saw this on another forum, and it sounds like a real safe filter-purifier...though a mid level price....no links, just look up Sawyer water filters.......It is the Point Zero Two model (.02 micron)..........decent gph, and removes even Viruses !!! Please let me know what you guy's think....Thanks , rsbhunter
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    There are several really dependable and efficient "back pack" filters out there. We have three different kinds bought over the years and hopefully have not died yet--lol. At home we use a Berkey. Have a few "straw" filters just in case.
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    The things which separate Sawyer from the rest of the pack are kinda cool, actually.

    1. They offer a 1 million gallon guarantee (that's a lot of water to filter, folks)
    2. It's an American company
    3. No pumping --gravity fed systems and drink bottles
    4. The best filtration on the planet (not all companies can offer this type of quality at an affordable price)
    I will have to try some of their filtration systems when I get the opportunity. I know the .01 micron filters are faster while the .02 micron filters offer greater filtration, it's a trade-off.
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    As to the .02 micron, it stops viruses as well as all the other "nasties"...I think flow is around 15 gallons per day (12hr day, or 24 hr?) I did look into Berky filters, and they are awesome...but...i have read reports of the filter seperating from the mounting stem, allowing unfiltered water to by pass the filter...NOT good...Hopefully this has been fixed in their mfg. process????? Anyway, for the money, and my health, Sawyer is going to be my choice, unless something surfaces that proves them questionable...rsbhunter
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    Yeah, if one already owns a Berkey, well they are set unless they are experiencing some of the leaking problems...but no filter system I have found yet matches the life expectancy of these Sawyers for the price. They are slightly different by design, but seem really dependable. I hope we can get a review from one of the SM crew.


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