Water reservoir, on the cheap?

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by natshare, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. natshare

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    Figured this was just as good an area, in the monkey enclosure, as anywhere else.....especially as water would be necessary for any vegetable gardening, or aquaponics/hydroponics build.

    For whatever reason, water totes and plastic drums, around here, have been priced almost to the point where they could be used in lieu of greenbacks, for currency. Not really having the capability or desire to travel a couple hours away, in order to buy water totes or old plastic drums, to store water, I've done some thinking on alternative methods, and wanted some opinions on this idea.

    I noticed a listing over at a deals website I frequent (bensbargains.net), for one of those inflatable ring above ground pools, where you air up a ring at the top of the pool, then start filling it with water. As the water level rises, the ring floats, and forms the pool's shape. The pool in question is normally $48, but they're selling on ebay, where there's currently a 20% off coupon code in effect ("C20SPRING"), for certain items, being sold by a select group of sellers, so long as you pay via Paypal. That knocks the price down to $38-ish. This is for just the pool, no filter/pump.

    So if I were to direct the downspout effluent, from my house gutters, to one of these pools, it should be effective at filling it up....the only caveat being, I would have to support the pipe at a sufficient height, so as the pool filled, the weight of the pipe wouldn't press down on the inflated ring. Then utilize a pump, to move the water to wherever you need it.

    The pool in the link is an 8' diameter pool, with a maximum depth of 30". By my calculations (figuring the volume of the pool, at a 2' depth), this could easily hold 750 gallons of water, while taking up a (relatively) small footprint. To combat trash in the pool (leaves, etc) and the potential mosquito breeding ground issue, I figured a combination of a cover (tarp, with a slit or hole for the incoming water pipe) and a submersible circulating pump (since skeeters want to breed in still/stagnant water, NOT moving water) should do the trick. In fact, the pump could even pull double duty, and pump water to wherever you needed it. If you're worried about it, I guess you could toss one of those skeeter pucks in the water, too....but while they won't kill the plants, I'm not sure you'd want to use that water to feed veggies you planned on eating?!

    So am I missing anything with this idea? Except, perhaps, my mind?? lol

    The pool in question, at the seller's own website: Intex 8' x 30" Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool | 28110E (56970E)

    The link to the ebay page, from Ben's Bargains (sorry, I can't access ebay from here, so can't give a direct link) : Intex 8' x 30" Easy Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool | 28110E | eBay
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  2. natshare

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    Oh, and just for reference, 250 and 330 gallon water totes typically sell for ~$80 to $90, around here! :eek:
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  3. 3M-TA3

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    We have used these and they are crap unless the ground is PERFECTLY level. Otherwise it will list to the side and spill or you only fill to about half capacity. Also you need to re-inflate the ring each day, and the longer it is up the more often you have to reinflate.
  4. UncleMorgan

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    The ones with the sheet metal sides in tension might work a little better--and cost a little more.

    They can sometimes be found as salvage on a take-it-down-and-take-it basis.
  5. natshare

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    Good info, thanks! Maybe foam filled would be a better choice? I wonder...how many foam "noodles" can you stuff into that inflatable area? ;)

    That, and I'm thinking that with some fore-planning, purchasing clearance pool(s), at the end of summer, would make for a good price. Then you just have to hold onto them, until the next spring.
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  6. ghrit

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    Pools, regardless of type, want really close attention to level ground. You need not very far off of flat and level to run into eccentric loading on the sides. Methinks spend the money on the totes, a lot less finicky about where and how stored.
  7. 3M-TA3

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    IMO, water totes are the way to go. Locally they are a hundred bux more expensive that your AO. IMO still a bargain because I wouldn't have to worry about them and nothing can get inside my water unless the fill is open.
  8. Seepalaces

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    This was our finding, also. Of course, we bought one to let two young boys play in. They are ABSOLUTELY crap for that, because trying to get in and out spills the water a bit. The problem imho was that if the water spills out, it changes the shape of the pool, which causes it to become unstable. If it becomes unbalanced, it lists and the water spills out, even if the ground beneath it is perfectly level. Let's just say, I won't have one on my land again.
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  9. Yard Dart

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    If you are going the route of an exposed water source such as the pool.... make sure you have a good filtration plan at hand as well.
  10. Tully Mars

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    Think I would have to lean towards the totes or possibly a cistern if room allows, and like @Yard Dart mentioned a filtration system is a must have and should be included in the over all plan/price.
    I can't believe the prices I'm seeing on here for the totes. I just bought two new ones from a guy for 25 bux apiece. That was a deal, but I can get them all day for $40-50 per.
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  11. arleigh

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    The 265 gallon totes are totally worth it .
    Mine are set up with a float control mooted to the cap on top, and water from the tank is Gravity fed for the chickens. the other is gravity fed for the fish .
    That way there is a constant flow of water going in, coming out, and they are covered to keep sunlight off.
    I use 1/8" drip system tubing for the plumbing .
    What ever tote you get ,Know what had been in it previously, so you can wash it out well.
    One I had to wash out with denatured alcohol to get all the dried syrup out .
    I took a section of ridged conduit and 10 gage steel wire and made a 3 finger gripper,( like a retrieving tool) so I could hold a rag and mop out the bottom.
    I also have a small 350 gallon cistern that cycles water as well .
    All water for drinking will be filtered ,no matter how it has been stored .
    I filter city water now because I feel it necessary .
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