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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by ghrit, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I have been putting this off. I found a testing company but this would be much cheaper. I am scared to know. The testing company I found does a basic for $20 then a complete one for $90. I am going to get one of these. It does sound kind of complicated and precise. Funny, I just saw a well repair truck in the neighborhood today. Hope it is not a sign.
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    Be careful! Test kits that you get from a local home improvement store do not always give you accurate results. Though some of them say "EPA approved", the EPA warns about the inaccuracies of them.

    I operate an environmental testing laboratory and here's what I tell my potential clients: First of all; do not pay for that which you can get for free! Most pump and supply companies will test your well water for free. Try them first. MM - ask, specifically, what the testing lab you found considers as "basic" and "complete" analysis. What are they looking for in each package, and how will it be reported to you (like, in parts per million). Do they have someone who, after analysis, will help you interpret your results (or - check their website and see if they have a sample report). Some results look horrible, but are harmless, some look harmless, but are horrible.

    To get an accurate look at what's in your potable water supply; You want first draw. That means that the water has been sitting, in your pipes, for at least 6 hours. Grab the first draw before making coffee or flushing. :) Put that in a large, clean container and you can get your sub-samples from that.

    As with anything; buyer beware. The test that you listed, g, has a nice disclaimer that their test does not certify that water is or is not safe to drink. It may be a good place to start, but I don't know that I'd depend on it to make a baby's bottle. :D
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    Never ceases to amaze me at the amount of skill here in the tree.
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    I personally hate these types of test kits. I am not a chemist, never claimed to be. If you can screw it up to get inaccurate results, I will probably screw it up. Lehman's Catalog used to have a intensive water testing kit where you drew the samples and sent them in to a lab for testing. This was a very complete test. If memory serves the report went to 4-6 pages and covered well over 100 possible contaminates. Cost when I did it was $155. I knew I had good water. I wanted a baseline because there was a Waste Management company trying to get approval for an above ground dump 1.5 miles south of my home. We defeated the waste management company and they went elsewhere, but I was prepared for a major legal fight if they screwed up my water.
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    Sweet! but one time use. Could get expensive. Also, who trusts EPA??? lol
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    Many good points in that, Tracy. Thanks
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    Smart folks. I'm studying so I can be one too.
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    In your Field, you are, already....
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    Thanks. Always looking to broaden my horizons.
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    Most of these types of test say that they're "EPA Approved". The EPA isn't the lab doing the analysis, but the governing body.

    Whatcha' studying to be?
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    As Reagan said, the most frightening words in the world "I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

    Studying to be smarter. :p
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    That ain't gonna happen. I just turned 60. Ya get shorter from here, lol
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    I studied for a piss test once. They never asked me a question. Just said to pee in the bottle.:(
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    Stayed up all night studying, too.....
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    What were your missed points for? Double dribbling?.....;)
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    nah, just dribbling
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    How to test to see if the water's good or not? That's what your kids are for, right?? And if you're too attached to them, offer a drink to the neighbor's kids that you can't stand! ;)
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