Water Turbine ?

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by riveRat, Mar 7, 2014.

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    As well as diverting the stream for your water powered generator.... All things can be overcome with money, lots of money!

    I would go Wind and Solar first, but that's me. So far, the Government hasn't figured out a way to tax the sun or wind!! Give them time...
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    They are already talking about taxing Solar. First they push everyone to Go Green then they want to tax you on it!
    The New EPA Reg's are nothing short of Criminal!!
    They are talking about draining all of the water from Beneath a Ranchers land, $35,500 per day per pond for water reserves or agri. ponds on private property!
    They are Syphoning water into giant tankers from the Great Lakes and many other reservoirs and selling it to the Chinese, at a time when our own Nation is drought stricken.
    Barack Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply
    I just want to say that most things that would cause a person to be called a "Conspiracy Theorist" have been turning out to be true over time.
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    @GOG -- Here's are commercially available hydro units. I have not checked them out, so as usual do your homework. They do have some good ideas.
    LH Gallery
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