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    Just watching the weather channel, a piece covering fights over water between the states of the the burgeoning( but dry) southwest. One couple interviewed while touring a new5000 home subdivision said " there's no water shortage if you've got the money to pay for it." Moneybags' wife says" this is 5000 units, the wouldn't sell them to us if they didn't have the water "D'oh!!!!! [looksharp][looksharp]

    Wisconsin was mentioned as "being "awash in water[wannamesswitme]"Also the great lakes in general look to be under assault ... [wannamesswitme]BACKOFF!!
    QUIT BUILDING ON EVERYSQUARE INCH OF DESERT!To quote the late great Sam kinison " See this ? its Saaaannnd".It won't hold water. One more reason the US may degenerate into various seccession movements or outright shooting civilwar(?)
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    They will build as long as the sheep buy the units. My sister had bought into a development that later suffered serious flooding - four times under water in ten years, in an area advertised as a '500-year flood plain' . . .[LMAO]
    Turned out to be the drainage area for the local lakes and rivers. Bwahahahaha!!
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