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    Been here a while, but. . .

    This post adds nothing directly to the discourse but for those who may be extremely interested in the firearm aspects of the equation. Give this place a look. Might very well interest you and be an adjunct to "survivalmonkey".

    Although it's only 5 weeks old, it has a great deal on casting, reloading, 'gunsmithing', multiple shooting videos, many downloads, ect. This place provides FAR FAR greater information overall but my place is old school firearm oriented with a sprinkling of the new. . . give it a look.

    We also discuss survivalist topics and backwoods living.

    I'll add a link to "survivalmonkey", right now. Thanks for the board's indulgence.

    If this is deemed superfluous then delete.

    wedealinlead.net • Index page
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