We all be slaves to the masta

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    I got tired of picking cotton years ago and figured out a way to get off Mastas plantation. I'm a peasant now, but I'm free, and think this site resembles the Underground Railroad and helps other slaves escape their chains to gain freedom themselves.

    What goes on in Chicago will soon be in every major city, then it will spread like a cancer and cover the country, all paid for by the slaves themselves.

    The first step to freedom is when you realize you are a slave.
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    I agree...but while we lament over the freedom we've lost or don't have, at the same time we have to appreciate and cherish what freedom we still have...and use it to regain what we lost or what we never really had...while we still can.
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    This site (and all the others attractive to so-called "subversives" or "potential domestic terrorists") is like the underground railway if every station of that railway had at least a few agents of the slave owners listening into every conversation.

    This is not meant as criticism of the site, it's owner or it's staff...I just worked for "Massa's Minnions" for long enough to know it is laughable to believe that any word "uttered" on here (be it publicly or PM) is not on an express train to the great database in the sky from which lists will be made.

    But hey, maybe I am just paranoid and the people working for them nowadays are a lot dumber...

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    You are not paranoid, and I'm sure their method of collecting our words and thoughts has improved with each passing year. Snowden pretty well exposed many of their illegal collecting methods which would have been the envy of the East German STASI or Soviet KGB during the Cold War. They are the ones who are paranoid as they feel it necessary to spy on their own people for the fear of losing power over or control of the masses eats at their minds and souls like a hungry tiger roaming within them.

    I've been on the "list" since I was born, being Native American I'm from the wrong side of the tracks from the get go. It's just in my DNA to desire to be free, so I followed my dreams and discovered that being free actually does mean I have nothing else left to lose. My ancestors fought this same mindset for centuries and as a people we still remain, and still resist their corrosive ideology.

    The Nazis had a master list of the people they wanted destroyed or interned for every country they invaded or planned to invade, like England. The Communists have always had their lists too. Any government organization will have a list of people who don't conform to the group thought and who express individualism, whatever form that might manifest itself as. The Nazis hated Jews and other people they felt superior to, the Soviet and Maoist Communists hated Christians, and Muslims seem to have a problem with them too.

    Who harbors ill will against people in our country that want to grow gardens, hunt, fish, and forage to feed themselves, drink pure water, breathe fresh air, homeschool their children, worship God in the manner they see fit, and live in harmony with their neighbors. Those who are unafraid to speak the truth about political boondoggles, are proud to be an American, and willing to put their lives on the line in war or support those who do. Those who cling to their rights as citizens and want a better world for their children to live in. Just ask yourself who the people are that fear their own countrymen that believe in the founding principles, and why they fear the things that made America great and what their endgame goals are. Remember that hate and fear are twins, and they always consume their hosts.

    Everybody turn off your TV, deprogram the propaganda and reprogram with life sustaining skills and a positive mindset, enjoy life, and discover what being free is like if you aren't already there.
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    I see quite the contrast between those like Oltymer and most here, and liberals (I prefer to call them leftists). We look at the lessons history has taught us in the 20th century and know enough that we don't want to go there again.

    Most leftists either don't know history, or weren't taught in the schools. They seems to act as though communism (they don't call it that) and an all-dominating cradle-to-grave government is something new and the direction in which the country should be heading.

    I see parallels between Adolf's "Brown Shirts" who created chaos in 1930s Germany, and the open borders, the importation of millions of Syrians, 0bama's freeing of what will become thousands of criminals from the jails (some with life sentences).

    After the mayhem the Brown Shirts created, the Germans rushed to a leader who would restore order, giving him total control. Of course, he created the chaos in the first place. The Brown Shirts were working for him. The strategy from the present day left is a more loosely connected one, and it employs several groups and not just one that can be tied to a particular ideology. But the result will be the same.

    Leftists judges turn violent criminals loose to create chaos. 0bama will pardon or commute sentences of up to 6000 more federal prisoners, import millions more illegals, some of whom are of questionable character. Likewise he has already imported tens of thousands of Syrians despite all the problems Europe is having with them. Hilary has let it be known that she will continue these policies.

    I predict the result of all this will be more gangs, more illegal drugs, and crazed Muslims along with more random violence and murder. When it reaches the tipping point, American sheep will plead with the government to restore order, whereupon their rights enshrined in the constitution will be willingly sacrificed and those in government will assume complete control.

    History repeated.
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    The thing about the Muslim extremists and ISIS is that they got their motivation from American instigators working for the government. Documentation has been released to prove that had happened because of how much money can be made off war. 9/11 was such an extreme act and there's so much evidence to prove that it was all planned. It was supposed to lead to "war" which was more like an invasion to take oil. That alone pisses a lot of Muslims off. Combine that with all of the equipment that was left when the army pulled out and the funding they received and you have an uprising like ISIS. All it is is an excuse to tighten the leash and add more shackles on the people as the corporate government continues it slow but steady March towards mastering the human domain.

    People like you all need to hold strong to your will to be free and to not be intimidated. When they finally cross that line and go too far, I will be one to stand with any of you for the right to preserve what's yours. The right to the life you make for yourself is part of the American dream that has long been forgotten by the people and unrecognised by the corporate government. An awakening is happening slowly but more and more people are starting to wake up and say "this is bullshit" but have no idea where to direct that thought as a protest. That's why groups like Anonymous have begun to surface but even they could be a tool for confusion and misdirection. The best possible way to protest is (like someone here said) "DONT PLAY THE GAME".
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    they crossed the line and went too far long ago...I'd put it at about the time Lincoln invaded the South. How free can a country be when it must be held together by force of arms?
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