We(all of us) have been terribly robbed!

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    Posted this in reply to a lengthy thread over at MR:

    Look at the video at the end. Pretty much spells it out. Like he said---we, the taxpayer milk cows have been drained dry by the biggest robbery in the history of the world. In the end they will, just as Thomas Jefferson warned own most everything and our children(and us) will become renters on our own land/houses.
    When the Russian revolution happened about one third of the population ended up missing. The whole top echelon just disappeared, most from wolf bait. Many escaped to other countries when the genocide started. Such may be the only way this wacky system they have created is going to be stopped. They control the gub, money,and legal system--all backed by their various police type agencies and the military. It may get messy.

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    Yep, a 'new revolution' is coming - it has to. The PTB has implemented the beginnings of it, by robbing our nation (and many others) blind, thinking the People will just sit idly by. Sure, many..... most.... will. I read that only some ten percent (maybe less) of the citizens in 1776 actually supported and took part in the First Revolution. About the same supported the Torries. The rest just sat it out wishing for the Status Quo. I see the same numbers going up this time.
    Whenever a 'government' despises, rapes and loots it's own people, then the People MUST rise up. It won't be pretty, it won't be 'glorious'. It will be rough, ugly and violent - all rebirths are.

    And yes.... the top of the 'foodchain' go first when the dyin' begins. Been that way throughout history, and we are always doomed to repeat it.
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    The next one may end up being world wide. That way no country will be a haven for the ultra rich and abusers of mankind.
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    Your basic shitbag politician, both Democrat and some ball-less Republicans, won't utter a peep about "Quantitative Easing," a treacherous euphemism for hyperinflating the money supply.

    Bernanke and the Fed (which as we know is neither American nor "Federal," but a consortium of foreign banks, and a couple of American, making barrels per day of money off American taxpayers) will keep adding water to the gallon of milk... and Obama will smile and tell us that now we have more milk.

    Keep track of the price of groceries. Last month's can of beans now costs 6 % more today... 72 % annual inflation, guys... the frog is being slowly heated in the pot.
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    id jump ship if i knew a good place to land
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    I used to believe that way, but after surviving the great Patriot cleansing of the late '90's and early oughts. Seeing die hard "we'll fight to the death" types fade away like an early morning fog. I just don't believe it would or could ever happen.

    I think people greatly underestimate the capacity of the average American to eat **** and smile.

    Leave them enough of their wages left over to buy their beer, booze, cigs or dope( whatever their crutch may be). Leave them alone to watch their Idol, Nascar, football (or whatever opiate they prefer) and the vast majority of American subjects will sit back and watch life go by, eating the **** they have been told is steak and actually believe that they are enjoying it.
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    Bread and Circuses

    "Bread and Circuses" was a term coined in first century Rome to describe a strategy used by politicians to obtain, and hold onto, power. Roman politicians realized a long time ago that the best way to win the votes and support of the masses was to provide cheap food and entertainment; "bread and circuses", was the most effective route to power. As long as their bellies are full, and they have something to entertain them, people rarely rise up in revolution.
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    I told my wife, and I'll hold to this promise. When it comes down to tearing them down, I'm sorry to say that I won't be there.
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    And later empires learned that Free Range works even better than pacification..
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