We are still in a world of $#!+

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Quantrill, Nov 12, 2008.

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    The way I see it, they have too many fires to put out. As soon as one fire is under control, another fire gets going. They really don't act like they know for sure what to do, everything seems like knee jerk reaction.

    I was starting to feel like maybe things were leveling out but, when I see things like this happen it makes me believe they are still really scared. So I am still a doomer, the end may not be eminent but then again it might be.
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    Hm. That light at the end of the tunnel isn't what TPTB wanted it to be.
    Step 1: Argue about spending the money.
    Step 2: Argue about how to spend it.
    Step 3: Argue about what to spend it on.
    Step 4: Spend it, regardless, in the wrong places.
    Step 5: Wring hands over the mis-spent money.
    Step 6: Print more to allow the average citizen to buy bread.
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    Yes but the "bovine scatana" is getting piled higher and deeper through the laws of unintended consequences. I will put it another way: " He who knows not but knows not he knows not, is a fool; beware of him" but in our congress and government of today, we have this:
    "they who know not, but deny they know not, are Spendocrats. They only know "spend" ;they know not how to save nor pay for spending. They think they are saving their own positions by making us pay for the tragedies they call governance. Wiemar Republic is, granted, old history, but then again so are the 10 commandments--- Ignoring the basic rules alway have the same tragic results; eventually."
    Laudis Deio Overbore
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