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    Former Sen Jud Gregg of NH said that what we are seeing now is because of the OBummer. For almost 8 years he has done everything he could to divide us into groups that refuse to bend or compromise, borrowed money and broke the country, created war after war and destroyed our security, taken all of our good jobs and sent them overseas or brought legal and illegals into the country to drive the wages for those jobs left even lower, furnished cheap money to the banks and allowed the corporations to cook the books, buy back stocks with borrowed money and practice every kind of monopoly and buying out the competition, destroyed our educational system, our medical system, our pension and retirement plans, the military, etc. That is just a short beginning to what could be a long list. Now it seems we have two democrats who wish to continue his policies. I don't know how they intend to make it work, but that is what they say, and one republican, Trump, who has no real plan, but who many people say can't do any worse and seems to have the right attitudes, speaks of things we wish to hear spoken and is at least not a whore to either of the political parties and their elites.

    I agree, we don't have to worry about losing our country, it is lost. We now have to worry about setting it back on some logical track. We may not agree on what would be best, but we have to do something and it looks like neither of the political parties as they now exist have any clue on restoring our country, or even any desire as they have been bought body and soul by all the special interests.
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    @duane, good for Sen. Jud Gregg of NH!!! Too bad she Is a former Senator. How in the world @duane can you say exactly what am thinking? Thank you.
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    Kelly Ayote is our present sen and Jud Gregg is our former and much missed sen. I paraphrased and expanded on what he said as he is a very fine gentleman in the old sense and would never be so crude , nor would he dishonor the old Republican party he was so proud of. He did not run for reelection to the senate and although he did not say so, it seems like he just got tired of putting up with the fools that surrounded him and said the he** with it. He is one of the most intelligent and honorable men I have ever read or listened to and that is the kiss of death in our present political parties. His family is old money, he never was into the ego trip, he was known for his skill in the budget process and his hard work and is perhaps one of ten men in my life who really should be called public servants. Seeing that I am a life long old school Democrat, that is indeed high praise.
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    @duane, my Grandparents were Southern Democrats, so I know what you mean.

    Kelly Ayote was a tea party candidate. She sure made promises.

    I do not blame Senator Gregg for not running again. When you are an honest person, being in D.C. would be traumatic. God Bless him.
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    Well... I do not think even the great Donald Trump is capable of being able to "destroy the GOP-e Elitist/Globalist Cabal." He is but one man, a President - yes - but the laws are made by Congress composed of many and each with their own agenda.

    I do agree with him that America "did not survive" but it all didn't happen under Obama, it's been happening for years and getting worse and worse. I think the best we are going to get, even hope for, is perhaps a new tax code and immigration policy and my bet is we'll get a watered down version of each, enough to show progress but not enough to make a difference. The rest of the stuff, the real important stuff, like the Federal Reserve, Balance Budget Amendment (BBA)...not going to happen - ever.

    Also, change takes time, and I don't think Donald will even try for a second term. I think he will change what he can, leave what he can't, and get back to his own life.

    Build a new America? What rubbish... Call me a pessimist, I accept that and you're right but I think of myself as a realist also. The ONLY change that will happen is the little bit that your "Elitist/Globalist Cabal" allows. They control this country and until you either change what truly gives them power, namely the Federal Reserve and a BBA, then nothing will change. And, don't forget, they have time on their side and the courts and the money and the laws and the media...Checkmate.
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