We had one of these !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Oct 21, 2008.

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    I wonder if the trespassers will be prosecuted as well. (Ready to bet?) No justice I can see in this one.
  3. Tracy

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    heh heh. My son and his friend were chased off the neighbor's property by a broom-wielding crazy woman. :lol:Scared the tar out of them!
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    I could undestand the kids view if it just happened once, but the police have admited that this is an ongoing problem, after the second time it happened I would tell the kids that they lose their ball for good.

    It would be a hassle for an 89 year old woman to continously go out and throw the ball back or let them into her yard to retrive said ball. The judge needs to give a stern lecture to the kids about personal responsability.
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    Lots of places with problems like this but each has it's own individual circumstances .

    If the lady has a fenced in yard and a dog that may bite the kids when they are retrieving their ball wouldn't a homeowners right to let her dog out on it's own property take precedence over a uninvited kid on the land ?

    Have they been hitting her home and perhaps damaging things with the ball ?

    Could they be trampling a garden she has on the land ?

    I don't understand a theft charge at all , doesn't a land owner have the right to refuse to allow trespassers ? It isn't like she went out and wrestled with the kids and took their ball away from them .

    If it was like the situation we dealt with as kids where a baseball merely rolling a few feet into a Lady's unfenced front yard would send her running out her door and cussing at us , I could understand thinking she was over reacting but this is obviously a case of the ball landing in an enclosed yard .

    Today it's rather sad as now when the develop a neighborhood they're more worried about them all having a dozen strip malls rather then a single public park where kids can go and play .
  6. Seawolf1090

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    My dad has a collection of baseballs, footballs, even a bat or two - the neighborhood brats used to throw things at his dogs over the fence.
    I have a neighbor's football too - once it's over the fence, it MINE.
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