We have a Fiat Currency and this is not a solvable problem

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Falcon15, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Remember about 7-8 yrs ago some real smart gent said "we cannot have another depression or stock market failure". My comments to him then were that when the market place collapses so will the stocks. This fake money system we have will crumble like the house of cards it is when debtors decide they want real money(gold/silver) instead of these green notes of promise. We cannot keep our promises any longer and when this collapse comes it will be a hard one. We were warned by the "little dip" two years ago when many people lost their life's savings or were seriously hurt by the "dive" in stock prices. A bud lost $90,000 in a few months-- another over 3 million. If you let others play with your money soon they will be playing with THEIR money. Do your own investments in tangibles--things that you can put your hands on. You may not get the promised "pie in the sky" returns but you will always have it to fall back on.
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    The probelm can be fixed but it is going to be painful and it is going to involve backing the paper with real gold and stop spending today what we may have in the future.
    Whether it is a government or a personal budget it must be balanced. You can run a deficit for a short while but not for a long term.
    The "social programs" must be reigned in and this includes Social security.

    Before this can happen things are going to be real bad and then it can be rebuilt. For those of us who see ahead we must be prepared and work to survive.
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