We have always been at war with Eastasia

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    Like the recent negotiations with the Taliban? Trump is ready to throw in the towel at the negotiations, pull out of Afghanistan, it's in all the newspapers, radio and television, and out of the blue the Taliban instigates a huge bombing...even though they are about to get what they want - the USA out. Trump's pissed and pulls out of the negotiations. We're suppose to believe that? Sure! Just like Epstein hung himself...of course he did!
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    Yea, I did read it that way a few times, LOL! I actually enjoy hangin out in Estacada, and a visit is not complete with out seein Velzey! LOL Great Fireworks show and Timber Fest is always a lot of fun!
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    I guess the the embassy staff in Kabul are rehearsing their helicopter enplaning drills...much like the embassy in Saigon some 40 or so years ago. :(
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    That report was on Drudge about 5 hours ago - gone now - I see new reports saying they will be at full pre attack production in a month. Just more BS on top of BS, Neo-cons smelling blood in the water, and swarming, while those with enough sense to know this is engineered baloney trying to put on the brakes - which are smoking and turning red. Throw in the election in Israel, and this is an unprecedented event which is careening towards total chaos...
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    2-4 weeks before production returns to pre-strike levels. They have considerable reserves of processed POL products to meet demand until production returns to normal so it seems.

    Sure there is a deception plan being played out...but by whom? Who gains the most?

    Just as well Bolton's got the bullet....he'd be onto it like a chicken to a June bug...(like the Neo-con hawks who dragged America into Iraq, and the middle east power vacuum fiasco that became ISIS). Hopefully more calmer, more sensible minds will persuade POTUS not to drag the USA into that tar baby again. Unfortunately, Donald has sacked his generals, and there's only snivelers, sycophants and tinfoil wearers in the White House to give him guidance.

    John Bolton's acting replacement, Charles Kupperman, has just the right tinfoil head gear for the job, and a bucket full of gasoline to throw on any emerging fire in the Middle East. Bolton's Replacement Charles Kupperman 'Another Islamophobe,' Charge Critics

    from [​IMG]

    Charlie Kupperman. Just hold his bagel while he sorts out the Middle East.
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    So we didn't attack Iran, and in 24 hours Saudi says oil production ramped up to achieve normal levels. I have also heard a rumor that this was a facility slated for replacement, but can't verify that with a second source.
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    It might be over, don't know though, because now troops are being deployed to the region, but last week the Neo-cons almost got the war they have been creaming in their pants about for years. Luckily Bolton had been removed, or I'm sure the desired event would have materialized and our Republic would be embroiled in another useless war as far as the American public goes, but of course it would have been fantastic for the Generals, MIC, Big Oil, and other organizations who stand to gain from war in that region.
    Tulsi Gabbard bitch slapped Trump on several talk shows last weekend, which also exposed the unconstitutional moves necessary to send our guys as mercenaries to support the Saudi Kingdom who can't even defeat a weak force in a 4 year war in Yeman, let alone a real antagonist like Iran.
    Oh well, they never give up on their dreams of conquest, so I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop.
    Just wish that some of these manipulators could have a chance to experience what being shot at on a battlefield actually feels like and let them question their own mortality vs a fatter bank account to see if they think it is still worth it...
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    Please do not lose sight of the fact that one of the duties of the Commander in Chief is defense. Unfortunately, that requires some practice in sometimes distasteful locations and situations; you get no meaningful practice against yourself on your own lands. There are also alliance agreements that must be fulfilled in order to maintain credibility, that we mean what we say. An additional benefit (forgetting about international purchases) is keeping industry working on new products that will enhance the defense capabilities. Yes, wasteful, but so is including a spare tire in your new car. instead of spending that (more or less) same money on run flat tires.
    I'm personally not averse to waging war via proxies, Saudi vs Yemen like us vs. Iran; it helps us keep our sword sharp. I'm also not averse to supplying material to allies as long as they are paying or bartering for the products they cannot produce on their own. (That reasoning gets shaky when manpower is part of the supplies depending on how it is structured.) It is NOT (says me) credible to assign the term "mercenary" to military logistical support of allies.
    YMMV, of course.
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    As an exporter of fuel, shouldn't we encourage a century long cage match between Shia and Sunni factions? That should cement our primacy in the oil export business.

    I say blanket the area in liberator pistols and break open shotguns. We can deal with or destroy whatever caliphates rise to the surface when it's over.

    I'm pretty certain an unshackled Israel has fair chance on their own.
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    We have become the new " Hessian", for enough bucks, we will do your fighting for you - end of Republic & enter Military Junta...
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