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    from Infowars Lawrence Eagleburger on fox pointing out the necessity of pushing venezuelas economy into the pits to make lifedifficult for Hugo Chavez(no mention of the populace)....we neded to stop messing around in theworld..like pat buchanan said posted herein another thread..:

    Fox Guest Says the U.S. Should Destroy Venezuela's Economy ​
    News Hounds | January 27, 2007
    Lawrence Eagleburger, the Secretary of State under George H. W. Bush, was the guest during the first segment today (January 26, 2007) on Fox's "business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Substitute host David Asman introduced Eagleburger, who was on to talk about Hugo Chavez, over a graphic that read, "Declaring War?"
    In his intro, Asman said that (the democratically elected) Chavez is "stepping up his anti-American talk," and asked, "Does he want all-out war with us?" He said Chavez was, "going wild" (i.e. he wasn't kissing our ass) on "state run radio last week" (Asman should know about state run media), telling the American government to "go to hell." Now he, "might kick the U.S. ambassador out of Venezuela. Is Chavez planting the seeds of war with the United States?" Turning to Eagleburger, Asman asked, "How much of a threat is Mr. Chavez?"
    Eagleburger said, "It depends on what you mean by a threat...he could make life difficult for us in that part of the world...but in the end it's much more gas than it is reality."
    Asman and Eagleburger went on to talk about the possibility of Venezuela becoming a "forward operating base" for Iranian nukes, which Eagleburger said was a "real possibility," and about how the decline in the price of oil is probably hurting Venezuela's ability to "pay its bills." Asman then asked Eagleburger whether that puts Chavez "at risk?"
    Eagleburger said, "Sure it does, but he can last for some period of time." His ability to appeal to the Venezuelan people, "only works so long as the populous of Venezuela sees some ability for a better standard of living [as is the case everywhere]. If at some point the economy really gets very bad, Chavez' popularity within the country will certainly decrease and it's the one weapon we have against him to begin with and which we should be using, namely the economic tools of trying to make the economy even worse so that his appeal in the country and in the region goes down."
    Asman said we might be able to "cut him off at the knees financially," but "you know, there's that old charge, there go the Gringos, trying to interfere with our internal affairs again. Might that not hurt us?"
    Eagleburger said, "Sure it will hurt. Well, he'll make that claim at least...he can use it to try to defend himself against an economy that's going downhill, but in the end I don't think that would counteract the fact that the economy had become a real problem for him."
    Asman: "Do we just wait for the economy to collapse or do we push it in that direction?"
    Eagleburger said, "I think we have to push...anything we can do to make their economy more difficult for them at this moment [screw the poor citizenry] is a good thing [for U.S. corporations] but let's do it in ways that do not get us into direct conflict with Venezuela if we can get away with it."
    Comment: I read an article last week but unfortunately the name of the author escapes me. My apologies. Anyway, it was about Iraq and the citizen-"terrorists" there who want us out and who are tired of decades of U.S. meddling in the Middle East. A line that struck me, and that applies here, was (paraphrasing), that the people want freedom, freedom from us.

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    Lot of trueth there though. He will burn himself out.
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