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    Now that gas prices are on the raise what are your plans for getting around or cutting back on things to be able to drive the vehicle to work and back .

    Let here some ideas for some basic ways to cut down on spending and i know that some of the people here are live out in the county and work in the city so it going to be hard on them about trying to cut down on spending the money for gas to get back and forth to work ..

    For it the one as a single person to have to deal with it but as a family person that has to be some super hard choices faceing them about what they cut out to survive in the comeing months ..
  2. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    Obviously the first thing people should try to do is start carpooling and splitting the cost of gas.

    Of course if you have the ability to work from home and telecommute that would help a lot too.

    I'm an avid cyclist so riding my bike to work is a piece of cake but at just an 8 mile one way trip it'll just make me mad because its not a good enough workout to justify getting sweaty. haha When I got divorced 5 years ago I was bad out of shape and hadn't really exercise since I got out of the Army 12 years before. It's easy to get into cycling shape but just like any kind of workout you'll have to get your body adjusted to it. So don't dismiss that idea if gas prices get to crazy.

    I don't think most people have the choice of running out and trading for a more fuel efficient car or motorcycle. So it's probably going to be a bumpy ride if gas gets to muc higher.
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  3. Capt. Tyree

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    One trip Out with Multiple Stops

    Something most of us are probably already doing is to combine different stops within one trip driving out of the house. Working shift work obligates me to the driving commute, but stops on the way home for groceries, gas etc. are normal. On days off I plan my trips to the gym as part of a circular route to include stops at the bank, post office, supermarket etc. where I wind up back at the house with my checklist completed.

    Here in Texas gasoline reached just at $4.00 / gal at least once during the aftermaths of hurricanes Katrina (Aug '05), Rita (Sep '05) and Ike (Sep '08)--can't recall which one exactly, but recoveries from all were unpleasant in their separate ways. When it hit the $4.00 dollar mark after being $2.50 or less, there was a noticeable reduction in road traffic. People were prioritizing gasoline usage and staying home more--something we'll all be doing again more earnestly with gasoline just over $3.00 and climbing rapidly, no doubt.
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  4. Brokor

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    And for those of us who saw this coming 10 years ago, it comes as no surprise.
  5. TXKajun

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    Gas here is still pretty reasonable.....only $3.09/gal yesterday. :rolleyes: It looks like this week, it's gonna go up to at least $3.50, though.

    Sweetie and I had a little talk and we're gonna cut down driving to only what's necessary. My drive to/from work, her drive to shop will be combined with other errands, me doing grocery shopping on the way home from work and that's gonna be about it. We filled up all vehicles at this "low" price yesterday and today.

    I also started trying to get back into shape, which includes using our Total Gym 3X/week and bicycling 4-5X/week. So far, I've doubled my time on the bike. Up to a whopping 10 minutes now without stopping! ;) But it's only been a week, so I figure I'll get better pretty fast. As far as biking to work, it's 7 miles one way, but I get to work at about 5:45 AM and that's a bit too early to think about riding in.

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  6. Seawolf1090

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    Two days ago, gas was averaging $3.10 a gallon here. At noon, I filled my van at $3.15 a gallon. Driving home at 5PM, the same station was at $3.28!

    So, if it gets much higher, the motorcycle gets bumped to Primary Transportation again.... Thank Goodness we are in a dry spell just now.

    Tyree, in 2008, we had a "One-Two Punch" of hurricanes in the Gulf that shut down oil production and transport for about a month all over the Southeast. Luckily I had about thirty gallons stored and rode my bike. Now I have about sixty gallons stored, and still have the bike. Deja Vu, anyone?
    Prices hereabouts got to the $4.50/gallon range at one point back in 2008, and several stations later got charged with gouging.
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    our gas prices are £1.30 which is $2.11 us dollars which is very high for us here in the UK we now cycle when we can and combine car journeys with several errands to do. we live in the country and have to cycle 5 miles to the nearest shop then 5 miles back again.
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    Ladies, Gentlemen, when the MSM is telling you to be ready for 5.00 FRNs/Gal prices, you better get ready, it'll zone in at more or less 7.00 FRNs/Gal. We are in for Oil Crisis #2. Remember, the President can declare an oil shortage a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. When that happens, S will have begun hitting the fan. Be ready, and do not say I did not warn you.
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    all the .Gov needs is an excuse.

    Give this man a cigar....
    it is just a matter of time now...short time...[shtf]

    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long..

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    With me having to go to work every day, soon all my kids will be home schooled! I still have one in high school, if gas goes up she is home with me, or to a private school down the road. as it is Im running all over the place with my kids, its time to stop the maddness. starting monday my son takes violin lessons. another trip out.
  11. Wild Trapper

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    I'm pretty much a recluse.
  12. Capt. Tyree

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    Gas Up!

    Reflecting on what we're all saying, I have to concur with Seawolf 1090. Doubling the amount of safely secured gasoline (stored and stabilized) will at least soften the .gov imposition of rationing if it occurs. There is a certain minimum I always maintain and rotate through the truck each 18+ months (stabilized for 24), but I have the capacity to double that, and do each hurricane season. Half of my fuel cans are presently empty, but in light of the dicey oil / fuel situation "hurricane season" has arrived a few months early.
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  14. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    Dear Baby 8 pound Jesus I HOPE you're wrong and it never gets close to going over $5.00 a gallon. But if it ever does life will get "intersting". Hmm buy more tanks and gas or buy more ammo??? Probably BOTH!
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  16. Falcon15

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    I want to be perfectly clear. I do not have a crystal ball, nor do I begin to think I know more than the average monkey. I work in the petrochem industry and I can tell you when the refineries are running ALL OUT to the point that "we are making too much money to do a regular Preventive Maintenance shut down" - ie my company does not work, then they are anticipating a rise in gas prices.

    Couple that with history, and the MSM style of preparing the sheeple for fleecing...a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

    I pray day and night that we collectively, as a nation, wake up and smell the Folgers. I pray that this does not happen, because the Great Depression is going to look like a tea party with your daughter's stuffed animals compared to what will happen if the price of oil goes to 200.00 FRN's a barrel or higher...Hell 150.00 FRN's a barrel in a recessionary economy will KILL us.

    Crude for April delivery at this very moment is trading for 101.93 FRNs a barrel. The Asians and the Europeans will likely drive that over 103.00 tonight.

    Just my .02 FRNs
  17. Falcon15

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    April Crude is currently 103.38 FRN's/barrel and rising. The trend is showing strong indications it will peak at just over 103.50+- .25 FRN's today. The news from the Middle East is NOT good. The Saudi Day of Rage - March 11, 2010 is just one week away and other countries look like they are increasing in violence and rebellion. Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, most notably. Even Tunisia is feeling the pinch from the massive amounts of refugees fleeing Libya.
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