WE need to WAKE UP the Sheeple

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by tacmotusn, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Each of us need to make an effort to WAKE UP some of the Sheeple that we might have some chance to get thru to. The more converts to our way of seeing things the greater our strength. I know statistically it may seem futile. But if like compounding interest or a ponzi scheme, we did it right we could increase our ranks by unbelieveable numbers.

    I suggest that we go after relatives and close friends who are not yet onboard. If each of us could convince just 3, and ask them to not only get busy preparing for the worst, but to now find and convince 3 more, and ask them to do the same. ...... just think about where it could lead!

    Just in the last few days, I know I have one such convert, and I am working on a second. I feel them out with questions about the state of the nation. Then discuss the Constitution and the bill of rights.

    Any car salesperson, will tell you each no sale, statistically puts them just that much closer to the next sale. Percentage wise sooner or later they will get that firm "yes." JMHO of course
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    OK, I'm on it.
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