we seem to be having more of these ...

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    In North Carolina? Thats a bit odd. I know in Montana, ND,SD you'll get coywolfs/coydogs sometimes. They're not as scared of people. Maybe its the dog instinct.
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    North Carolina has coyotes in all 100 of its counties...I see them time to time and they have played Hell on my chickens and ducks in the past...
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    If you ever need to trap a yote...Use the same method as see on t.v. for catching alligator's...only use a treble hook...It will be waiting for your 10/22 greeting the next day...
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    Gator...Dry sponges with bacon grease liberally applied works great too...when cut into small (silver dollar) size pieces,yotes will swallow them whole.The sponges will swell up inside their digestive tract and will kill them in about a week to a week and a half...just be sure your pets can't get to them or it will kill them too...[deadhorse]
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    Yes ,I've heard of that...just never tried it...Good info though..
  7. beast

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    a piece of cartilage from a larger animal, about 3 to 4 inches long
    sharpened on both ends, folded over and tied that way with gut
    tuck it inside a swallowable chunk of meat, the size canines just swallow whole
    once the gut digests the cartilage springs open and cuts their insides up
    they dont survive
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    Our real smart wildlife "rabbit sheriffs" brought in lots of them along with black bears, wolves, and cougars---supposedly to control the deer population. There is a Fed. game reserve about 15 miles from us and the predators have spilled out everywhere. I have bought Sportsman licenses all my life but about 8 yrs ago I swore off contributing to supporting their idiocy and IMO criminal acts. There are a lot of domesticated animals that are going down to them. Our forfathers got rid of dangerous predators but these "wisemen" have brought them back to plague us. We live in the country and I carry constantly. Have killed a rabid "coon" about two miles from us and saw a wolf just out our back door two yrs ago. It is a bit unnerving to find cougar and bear tracks close by.
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    Our brilliant "Possum" cops also reintroduced Beaver to our area and due to that,I now have major flooding issues to deal with during very heavy or extended rains...
  10. jim2

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    They do this so that they can stop sport hunting as the deer and whatnot will no longer need to be thinned for their survival purposes. They will no longer need our license money as they will be paid from the general fund to manage the proper non-man influenced ecosystem.

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