Weapons effect on bunkers

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BAT1, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Didn't know where to put this, so here goes. I've been in construction for a long time.
    Been thinking about building shelters and bug out trailers and I ran across this info and thought I would pass this info along. EMP and Nuclear is a real possibilty today.
    http://tektonbunkers.com Comments/suggestions welcome.
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    Sorry about that, I linked it from Steve Qualyle's site. Still a 404.
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    Just manually enter the main Homepage of the website and then click on the Submenu you want... that works....
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    Agreed, BAT1, about nuclear/EMP dangers. The world's less stable and more whack jobs have their hands on the technology. And, many of the whack jobs have little to lose or even imagine much to gain by dying in their little jihad. Seems plausible to me that the threat is at an all time high.

    The information was consistent with what I've read elsewhere. Seems pretty well written, although I'm the kind who likes to know why as well as what needs to be done. As to the what, they did pretty well, although they could have done better explaining the difference between fallout and gamma radiation dangers.

    So they took care of the what just fine. When it comes to the why, they didn't explain much at all. I suppose they're saving that for paying clients.
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