Weapons of a Philippine Mom

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    My best friends mother, as a youngster, was a small woman..... she specialized in the wooden spoon. She could catch you on the elbow or wherever was painful while you were on the move trying to get away from whatever mischief we had caused... usually against his 5 sisters.... his mother was part ninja me suspects. :cautious:
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    "the wooden spoon" was always my downfall...it still hurts now that you mentioned it ..thanks..
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    as many spankings as I had as a child I look back and see that I needed them --I learned manners,honesty,caring for others and to not hate---I was never abused just corrected it only hurt for a little and when I was in school they still had spankings for the unruly ones--yep I'm old but I learned too ==believe me some of these new kids could use a tanning like my momma would say to make them grow up
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    The PMMA. They had a European league too, the IMMA. Italian Moms Martial Arts. Same equipment, more violence.
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    That taught you to use a blunt force weapon on bone and joints, right?
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    That's how the Italian actuary came about. He can tell you not only who is going to die, but the time and cause of death too. You know the guy... Icepick...
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    Yeah, he used to hang out with my uncle Vinnie.
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    Need a fly swatter under the spanking implements.
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  10. Asia-Off-Grid

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    My parents used a hickory switch, from a tree in our back yard. WE had to go cut our own. As a child growing up in the south, you wanted to get the right one the first time.

    In the Philippines, some of the disciplinary actions would be considered too much, child abuse in fact, in the west. One of those ways is to make the child kneel down on mung beans. Not something a child forgets, I'm sure.
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