Weapons of mass destruction "Large truck"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by duane, Jul 14, 2016.

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    The news is full of the deaths in Nice France area and while they don't know who did it, why, or total dead, they quoted an article in one of the isis or isil sites that about a year ago called on people to use whatever improvised weapon they could for killing unbelievers and suggested that a truck was a good way to do it. So much for "black rifles", etc. Waiting to see how this plays out. Very very scary to me and with improper cargo, like I see on the road every day on my way to work, it could be 10 times worse. Pray for all the people who were out with their family to see a fireworks and are now dead or injured so some idiot could make a point in their weird game.

    If their goal is to make me feel less safe and even more frustrated and threatened, they are succeeding.
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  3. Dunerunner

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    It is getting harder for me to forgive the "Moderates" who will not denounce this evil among them.
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    I agree on that notion, but be assured, they will get theirs in the end....either through judgement by our father... or better yet... at the hands of a skilled warrior returning retribution here on this earth, for those of us wronged by these animals.... sending them off to their personal hell that they have earned........
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    I know what you mean. Every time the kids go to a concert or large event, we go over the instructions of, "if something happens..." Always a hug and I love you before they go out the door.

    YD that picture just hurts. It is so painful but at the same time makes me angry.
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  6. Yard Dart

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    I agree......Very Angry!!!
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  7. T. Riley

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    France's diversity will be it's demises. Our's too if we don't wake up. Sounds like he was a 31 year old naturalized Muslim French citizen.
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    France's politics are dominated with liberal ideology. We are perilously close to the same. Liberalism too often believes in fantasies and ignores the realities of situations. They seem to believe that if you want hard enough for something to be, it will then somehow magically happen. Watch and the liberal response will be to condemn the action but to preach we should fill the world with love and if there is enough love the evil will disappear. The muslims just laugh at that lunacy, see it as proof the west is weak and worthy of disdain and the liberals are simply oblivious.
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  9. marlas1too

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    when oh when will country’s start sending islam back to the middle east back to their war torn country’s that they have created--and let them rot there till they come to the 21 th century and stop their hate of all others
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  10. oil pan 4

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    What are the chances this wasn't conducted by a member of the so called religion of peace?
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  11. Tempstar

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    And again, armed folks could have killed this douchebag when it started, not 1 1/2 miles later. As long as these Muslims can kill 5 or 20 or 80 for only one of theirs lost, they will keep on doing it. Not until we put the fear of death without accomplishing their mission will it stop. Not until we become proactive will we live peacefully again. They are seriously ramping up the frequency of their attacks and we do nothing. This has caused me personal discomfort as I now carry my .45 instead of my .380, and I'm probably going to dip the bullets in bacon grease. These assholes have declared war on the non-muslim world and we still coddle them and worry about hurting their feelings. Well, some do. I pity the poor camel jockey that crosses me in the future, because I get it. You hate me. That's OK, I hate you back.
  12. svjoe

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    Tragedy for sure, but could have been a hell of a lot worse, remember the Oklahoma City bombing (Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building)????
  13. Motomom34

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    France is not a heavily armed country plus the area was prime target. These people were at the beach, many in their swim suits. Hard to hide a gun in your swim suit.

    Did anyone see Newt's rant on Fox?

    Newt Gingrich: Deport every Muslim who believes in Sharia

    The only mistake is that he says they are medieval Barbarians, it seems to down play their brains. One does not need to be smart and socially advanced to be evil.
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  14. Oltymer

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    I'm with Newt, if they believe in Sharia Law then they should be deported. Sharia Law has no place in America, and neither do it's adherents.
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  15. Bandit99

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    I truly wonder how long before people will reach the breaking point and start retaliation murders of innocent Muslims. And, when people do strike back, and they will, it will be the fault of the do-nothing-politically-correct leaders in the West. I have no doubt that Western Civilization can beat these monsters but at some point we must 'Cry havoc! And, unleash the dogs of war!" - yet - our leaders do nothing while our people continue to die. Unfortunately, force is the only way to beat them. It is all they know. I was talking to a History Professor a few days ago over drinks and we spoke of how Rome would have dealt with these acts. The word 'merciless' comes to mind. Cities would have been burned, with every man, woman and child put to the sword and certainly every one in the Terrorist's family would have been torture prior to being killed in a horrid fashion. Their bloodline wiped completely from the face of the earth. They would have answered destruction with 100X destruction and death with 100X death making it so painful that the Muslim people would kill their own to keep them from terrorist acts. There is no other way with these people - not kindness, understanding or charity - only death. I say so be it. So. Be. It.

    Perhaps a different approach would be to strike directly at their religion by either destroying the Kaaba in Mecca (within the Black Mosque) or capture its contents and hold it ransom.

    One thing is certain - this will escalate and unless we act and act decisively with brutally there will never be an end.
    Newt Gingrich is right. This is War and we need to start treating it as such and we must get onto a winning strategy because it is obvious our leaders strategy has failed miserably...
  16. Oltymer

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    We fought them in the Philippines in 1903 - 1906, this is a picture of the aftermath of the battle of Bud Dajo ( Green Volcano) 1906. US forces killed apx. 800 - 1,000 in a 2 day action that saw our forces receive about 100 casualties. We only captured 6, everyone else was killed, including the women and children. That's my grandfather in the red oval, Sergeant US Army, who stated that they also buried suicide attackers with chopped up pigs, which soon put an end to the fighting.

    Brutal force was the only thing that worked then, and probably the only solution now. Hate to say it, but just the facts. "War is Hell" General William Tecumseh Sherman US soldiers pose with the bodies of Moro insurgents, Philippines, 1906 Roy Rainey Hart.
  17. marlas1too

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  18. Kingfish

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    We are once again in shock at how brutal this attack was. Little kids killed , destroyed by this filth. It is getting closer and closer to open warfare and we better get our act together real fast. I predict another Attack here in the States real soon and it could be ANYWHERE. Stay away from large crowds as they love crowds in gun free zones. Im not playing their game.
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  19. Yard Dart

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    The RNC convention in Cleveland next week, is going to be a major hot zone for some action from either BLM, domestic terrorism or jihadist's.... :cautious:
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  20. Bandit99

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    HEY! Maybe they will kill each other off! Now, isn't that a pleasant thought! :)
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