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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by weegrannymush, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I did not know about Weather Alert Radios until I read about them recently in a story. I did some checking on the web and they range in price from about $30 to $110 (here in Canada). My question is this: have any of you included this type of radio in your preps or would you say it is just one more gimmicky sort of thing, nice to have to make me feel like I am really prepping (lol) or just money spent for something that is not of much use. I don't live in a tornado alley, although they have been gradually getting closer to us over the last few years and this year, we had several about 100 miles southwest. And our weather here, while typically Canadian with lots of snow, is not actually a surprise emergency - we know it's gonna hit us, one way or the other! I mean, I have lived with this for many, many years - do I need a Weather Alert?

    Is there a dynamo-charged (I think that is what you call it) radio available that would not just give me Weather Alerts but also the Emergency signal for "worse" events than weather (we all know what they would be!) If there is, that might be a greater incentive to have one, than just the weather alerts???

    Sorry if this stuff is totally just too basic for all you really experienced and long-time preppers but I really would appreciate some info from the experts!
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    Here in Oklahoma it is an important tool to have around the house. The closer a storm get the more routine it is to lose TV service and weather info. It can really suck when you've got a couple twisters dancing about you and it's pitch dark so tracking without comms is a joke.
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    NWS Weather Broadcast Alerting Radio System in the USA, is a great source of information during ANY type of LOCAL, STATE, REGIONAL, or NATIONALLY Declared Emergency. In the USA, It is also tied to the NEW EBS System, that will undergo its FIRST National TEST Broadcast on November 9th. The receivers are fairly inexpensive, and can be powered, usually from multiple sources. This system uses a VHF Frequency just above the MARINE Radio Service, just above 162. MHz. Reception Areas can be up to 60 miles from the Radio Site. All sites a hardened, and have backup power for at minimum a week. I can' comment on the Canadian version of the system, but I would expect it is similar to the US system. ...... YMMV....
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    Dynamo powered models available at Cabelas
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    Here in NC, I have a weather alert radio I got at Radio Shack that you can set to go off when your county is mentioned in the warning. I been giving them as gifts lately as they only about $35 now.
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    Well worth the money here in NC. It is often too difficult to see how bad a coming storm is because of the trees.
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    Weather alert radios are the only thing that were operating during the hurricanes I've been through. It helps keep you informed. Mine are dynamo powered (with a small lithium battery to hold a charge), wall adapter powered, or battery powered. Coupled with the solar battery chargers I have, I was able to keep it running for two weeks, easy, after Hurricane Ike. Mine also has a flashlight (LED) and a light bar (also LED) that provide plenty of light without draining the batteries too fast. I kept mine on a shelf above my stove, flipped open the light bar, and could cook without wearing a headlamp or using a lantern. Then after we ate, I moved it to the windowsill above my sink, opened the light bar and had plenty of light to wash dishes. Probably the best 30 bucks I have spent on preps, because it is so versatile.

    Mine also has a regular radio tuner, an alarm clock function, and emergency alert alarms. It alarms if there is severe weather headed our way, and all I have to do is flip a switch to get the NWS system announcements. That is nice for the nights when a tornado or storm may be moving in fast and you are asleep. It wakes you up fast, and you can take appropriate measures.

    Be warned some of them out there are cheaply made. Buy durable radios and always, always remember: 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I have 2, in case 1 breaks or stops working for whatever reason.
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    Good to have

    I would say having a weather alert radio is not a nice to have item - it could save your life.

    As with many things, you get what you pay for
    - Check the radio works at the store
    - Ensure it has a battery backup if it runs from the AC mains
    - Ensure all members of household understand how the radio works and what the alert tone means to them - what actions should they take
    -If the weather radio doesn't have a broadcast reciever function, enure you have a battery powered radio that does.
    If this all seems very basic - great, you are already there!
    If this is new to you, you are at the right place on the net.
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    I have the Midland WR-100 on my bed headboard. It's alarm is LOUD! You won't sleep through it.

    I got mine at the local Publix Store, as they keep a 'Hurricane Preps' section during the season. Price is in the $30 range. Works very well - has AC plug-in, AA batteries for when house power drops offline.

    I do have another small 'pocket-sized' weather-alert radio in my BOB. AAA batteries I think - too small for a hand-crank.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied, giving me so much useful information on these Radios. I have decided to get one, for starters, to see how it goes. Not sure yet which one but will be sure, as advised by most of you, to investigate them carefully before deciding.

    I will probably try The Source store in town first, to try out what they have. Shopping online is great for most things but I think for this kind of radio I would be better seeing them close up and personal! I am not defeated by technology but sure do find myself on the ropes sometimes!

    Thanks's great to have all of you out there to get info from! I would be whistling in the dark otherwise, on a lot of things!
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