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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by SLugomist, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Website with 100's of documentaries to view.

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    Excellent Site!

    I just recently was tasked with cleaning up the reading room. There were many bad links, and vague thread names and more that just made the reading room a bit of a confusing jumble. I am far from done. It is a work in progress.
    However, I have stumbled across some real gems, and bumped a few of them so as to bring them to your attention.
    The link in the first post above will take you to the home page of a site where there is 100's of documentaries on a wide variety of subjects. If you find yourself temporarily starved for entertainment for whatever reason, ..... This site is worth a look. I browsed the first 10 pages of listings and found several I will return to and watch. YMMV.

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    I keep noticing at YouTube that some videos I bookmark get pulled. They must be able to be pulled by the folk who add them and YouTube too. There was a really good one on homesteading that went *poof*. Now I can't find it anywhere. It would just be nice to be able to save a few for future reference since there appears to be little rhyme or reason as to why some videos go *poof" and some don't.
    There is at least one video at Slugomist's site that I'd like to save. Is there a way to save videos so we can have them on our hard drives?
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    There are lots of ways. One method I love to use, is REALPLAYER --> RealPlayer — Download the best video and audio player It's a free download and totally free media player. It also integrates with Firefox (definitely use this feature) so that when you load a web page with a video, you hover your mouse over it and it pops up a link to download the video you are watching. This also works well with YouTube videos as well.

    I also recommend Firefox as a browser if you are still using IE by chance: Firefox web browser

    Like I said, this is only one way to do it. You could also search for the videos online to find a site that has it available for download. I frequent DProgram Films website and routinely download their videos DprogramFilms.net | Deprogram Your Mind where there are hundreds of documentaries available there also.
  5. Equilibrium

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    I will try what you say. Thank you. I'm hoping I don't get gunked up or anything adding free software. That's what sorta worries me every time I see that word free so I usually buy software instead but... I'll go for it. If you're using it.... it's gotta be safe.
    I did get firefox so I guess that was a good thing. It really was free too.
    I did look at your DProgram website and spotted this, Future of Food. I've watched that and it was well done. One that attracted my eye at your site was 'Believers Beware - Consumption Control' but when I clicked on it.... I found out it went *poof* already. It said it was removed by the user. I guess when I snooze I lose.
  6. Brokor

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    Yes, Real Player is trusted and it works, but during install it may have some user assigned preferences and I always opt to not participate or use any "toolbars". It beats Windows media player without a doubt, and I have donated to Real in the past. I bought the paid version for my other laptop and it works flawlessly.

    Future of Food is terrific, A very well done documentary.
  7. Equilibrium

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    I have it downloaded and installed. I want to save as many DIY videos as I can get my hands on for urban homesteading. I have a personal girlfriend who I sent this thread to and she already watched a video from SLugomist's website and she started watching the Future of Food from your website. I think she'll enjoy it as much as you and I did. Anywho.... she's going to follow you adding the RealPlayer too.... just as soon as she gets her nose out of the Future of Food... ;). We'll go through their online help together, WebHelp and see if between the two of us we can get going on saving a few videos. I've got my eye on a whole series of dehydrator videos out the gate. She did want to know if there's anything we have to add to firefox before we try to use it? Actually, I'd like to know too. The only add ons I have for it are addblock plus, an all in one sidebar, no script, and an updater that lets me know if any of those add-ons need an update.
  8. Brokor

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    No, it should work fine. Let me know if you have any difficulties, I would be glad to help.
  9. Equilibrium

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    Broker> XOXO! I've been trying to figure out how to do this ever since I watched my first videos on dehydrating foods.
    OK... I started without her... read the help... and downloaded my first video!!! Took me a while to figure out where to click to get it to go but I guess moving my mouse around got the pop up to appear. It did it on its own from there. I found I could change my view in Real Player from thumbnails to a list which is good. I do have a couple questions since it took a reeeeeeeeeal long time to download that video... can I move onto a new page where the video I'm downloading or will RealPlayer stop downloading so I'd have to start all over? Next question is.... I've got desktop files on chickens, rabbits, goats, vegetables, fruits, dehydrating, long term storage, solar, pantry and pretty much all the things that are important to me. Is there any way to store them in my files or do they have to all stay in Real Player jumbled and all mixed up in no particular order other than that which I saved them? Last question.... these aren't close captioned. I don't hear well and can't find where to turn up the volume on them. I'm sure it's there but I'm missing it.
    Processing a rabbit for food consumption.
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    downloading videos

    Broker; I am having problems with downloading Youtube videos I am using Xilisoft for my download software but it's the free version I also downloaded the conversion software from avs: AVS VIDEO CONVERTER.
    The big problem I am having is transferring the files from Xillisoft to avs so I can watch the videos in AVI or MPEG4, i don't care what I buse I just want to be able to view them in either Windows movie player or quicktime.I eventually want to place all my downloads on one external drive so I can keep everything in one bag and if I get boared I can pop out my Laptop plug in my external and Bang there I go. I Looked at the site you put up and would love to download allot of them also, But dont really want Mozilla on my laptop, How can I get that done, and am I going to have to convert them from FLV? Thank You Broker for your time If you wish You can Pm me with the Info.
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    There is a big difference in Free and Open Source (which is also free)
    Most things that come up in searches for a type of free software are Free and garbage. Open source software Like Firefox and Linux are free and legitimate.
  12. Brokor

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    Most welcome ;)
    Yes, you can quit your browser or navigate away after the download begins. All files save to your documents/videos/realplayer directory by default.
    You can manage your videos in playlists with Real Player, it's pretty easy once you get started.
    I would wear headphones, but as for the audio controls, I think that is through your computer. You can manage your sound through the equalizer in Real Player. Go to the top left "real player" icon which is your options menu. Choose tools, and there you will find "equalizer". Also, I suggest going to "preferences" under the same main menu and setting your startup page to be the LIBRARY rather than the online splash page, which takes a while to load. In other words, it will start in your library when you open Real Player.

    Additionally, I suggest that you convert all of your .FLV video files (just hover mouse over your downloaded video to see what type it is by its extension, *.flv*, *.wmv*, .*avi*). Real Player has a built-in video converter, and it's free also. You can automatically convert all videos when you first download them, too. After they have completed downloading, in the download manager it will list the video, just click on "convert" to bring up your options. You have to play with it to get the setting you want. I always choose "convert to .WMV", which is a Windows Media file, and Real Player will play this easily. Don't get me wrong, Real Player will also play .FLV files, but I prefer the .WMV video over .FLV

    DISCIPLE: I don't know what to tell you, but Mozilla is great, especially when compared to IE. Like Melbo said, it is open source, and it is trustworthy and dependable.
  13. Equilibrium

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    Yes!!! That made my day learning how to save one!!! Tomorrow.... I go for the gusto saving all the dehydrating videos. Wooo whoooo!!! Excellent if I can move away after I start them. That video took a really long time to load and I was afraid if I looked at something else I'd have to start over. I'm probably gonna have to wait for a kid to help me with the sound and getting them out of Real Player and into my files. I have an old computer so I don't know if headphones will work but.... I'll appropriate the set from my son's Ipod thingie and see if I can plug those in. Ewwww.... I didn't like that online splash page.... thank you for telling me exactly how to get rid of that. I don't have any files to convert....just the one on shooting a rabbit with a BB gun and butchering it.
    melbo> I was reading that other thread on MS v. free or maybe it was open source software. There was one I wanted to try but backed off thinking I've got no money left for a geek squad visit.
  14. melbo

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    You have a geek squad here at the monkey ;
  15. Equilibrium

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    I couldn't get online when that happened. Something about free music "sharing" so our kids wouldn't have to pay for tunes anymore.... I think it's called pirating as in STEALING but what do I know. Our kids had friends spend the night. They stayed up visiting MySpace and "file shared" into the wee hours of the morning having a gay old time. I called the geek squad that next day and got a price then put the computer in my car and drove it in to save the kids $100. The in-store geeks were cheaper. This computer's cut off from social networking sites now and our kids decided it was cheaper buying music than paying geek bills. I am so thankful you guys got me saving videos you have no idea. Hopefully.... I will never ever ever get cut off from getting online again so nobody here will get stuck providing free geek services to me. I know you're sincere but.... who wants a 5 yr old computer on their front doorstep waiting for them when they get home from work. I still think it was really nice you offered.
  16. melbo

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    We have walked and talked many here through computer woes over the past 6 years. I've even 'remoted' into a couple of peoples systems to sort things out. (at their request)

    Of course, you need to be able to go online for that kind of help.

    The #1 best thing you can do if you have kids sharing the same machine is to create another user account for them in control panel and make sure it doesn't have any 'administrator' permissions. That account will not be able to install programs, add ons or change any of the system settings (and bad programs from the web cannot change settings either)

    Then when you are finished with your session, log out and they will log into the PC under that user account. Make sure you then password protect your main (administrator) account.
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    Great website, love the "Living off Grid" one with Les Stroud. Thanks for the link!
  18. Disciple

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    Unfortunatly I am not a computer geek, I mean I like them and all and use them quite often But I am not a learned individual like Broker,melbo, and even Visutrac, I guess since all I do is get to be on a comp allot with school and here and a few other websites I need more of a computer expieriance to accomplish what I need to do.
    I guess I can give Mozilla a try I have just heard allot of people who are not computer savvy have a hard time using it.
  19. Equilibrium

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    Disciple> I'm definitely no computer anything. Be a Mikey.... try it.... you'll like it. If I can use it with no problems.... I swear anyone should be able to. Just go to their add ons page after you get it and add AdBlock Plus and No Script. I think you'll need those.
    Is sell them into slavery when they do incredibly stupid things like.... trying to steal. I mean how much does music for their IPod thingies cost? My husband is pretty reasonable and easy going until something like this happens.... they paid the repair bill and we made them pay for all the music titles they tried to get for "free". That was the end of that file sharing nonsense. We've only got 2 left now. One can't use a computer and the other we just bought a laptop to take to college with him. They're off the family computer. It's all mine mine mine. ;)
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    Real Player Trusted? Trusted to send a list of videos you watched along with your workstations MAC address. If you doubt me, install Wireshark and watch the TCP/IP packets RP sends back to RP's home server. You will not like what you find.
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