Webb Aide Arrested for Gun Possession

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kckndrgn, Mar 27, 2007.

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    <a href="http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8O44EEG0&show_article=1">Linky</a>
    WASHINGTON (AP) - An aide to Sen. Jim Webb was arrested Monday when he entered a Senate office building with a loaded pistol belonging to the senator. Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said the aide was charged with carrying a pistol without a license and possessing an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition.
    The office of Webb, D-Va., identified the aide as Phillip Thompson and said he was "a former Marine, a long-term friend and trusted employee of the senator."
    A congressional official briefed on the incident said Webb gave the gun to Thompson when the assistant drove him to an airport earlier in the day. Thompson, upon entering the Senate building, forgot he was carrying the weapon.
    "To our knowledge, this incident was an oversight," Webb's office said in a statement. It said it had no other details.
    The weapon was revealed when the aide went through an X-ray machine at an entrance of the Russell Senate Office Building, Schneider said. She said the man had a loaded pistol with two additional loaded magazines.


    Funny, he's charged with carrying a weapon and UNREGISTERED ammo, anyone wanna bet he gets off with a slap on the hand and told not to do it again? Maybe Webb just thought since the courts ruled the D.C.'s gun ban was unconstitutional he thought he could carry it?
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    Actually, the omitted words scream volumes. If Webb had been Republican, it would have been in the first sentence. Since he is one of the media darling Dimmocrats, they carefully omitted that word from the whole article.

    Don't trust a media that only wants to tell you one side of any story.
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    Ove 20 years ago, Ted Kennedy's body guard got caught with an unregistered submachinegun when he entered the Senate building. Nothing ever happened. Typical of the hypocrites.
  4. ghrit

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    Obviously, Webb carries. I wonder if he has a permit --. Could be, since VA has a fairly fair carry policy. But a Dimoncrat actually having one seems unusual, even for here.
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    WTF is unregistered ammo?........ did I miss a meeting?
  6. Seawolf1090

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    Just more buzzwords to frighten the naive sheeple.
  7. E.L.

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    Webb does carry and has a concealed carry permit.
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