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    FWIW(posted inthe tongue-in- cheek spirit of tarot cards, chicken entrails, and Edgar Cayce.: Our favorite magic 8-ball speaks:However; we all know the way to preclude something from hapening is to attach a date to it on the internet.(not a word about oil??)

    Tick...tick...tick - Israeli Mistake, Confusion, and a chart

    After speaking with George Ure about the current events as of today, and having run into a wall of confusion, and misunderstanding between us over certain forecasts and the language and the tension values, i thought it wise to post this small article and a chart in aid of the confusion, either to increase, or decrease.

    The issue is the July 11th break into 18 and a half hours of release language. George, and apparently others, are under the impression that some big 'thing' would happen on that date.
    This may well be the case, however, note that the release language (all the downward slanting lines in the charts below) continues all summer as punctuations to building tension. So the pattern from July 11th through to November 8th is one of building tension and then release of tension, almost on a daily basis. Note that this is the USUAL state of our charts for the planet. What is unusual is that we have been in a very long period of building tension for these past few months. What is also unusual is the 'tipping point' that is forecast to occur over 4 days in November from the 8th through the 11th inclusive.

    Then what is even more unusual is that the release language continues unabated, without deviation for over 2 months, from November 11th through to January 23rd. Please note some slight distortion in the charting software related to fonts alters the dates placement visually. The above dates are from the raw data, not from charting.
    So, knowing that the September 11th attacks on the money center of the planet by TPTB (we call this the 9/11 event), had a tipping point that lasted about 4 hours, followed by 12 hours of release language, before returning to building tension language as the planet tried to sort things out the next day, we can base our speculations on what may occur given the values that we have forecast for release and building tension language trends. .
    Now, on July 11th, the 'crocodile teeth pattern' of daily building tension, followed by release tension, returns. This lasts in a general way until the tipping point on November 8th forms. The daily release of tension does not purge from the total build up of tension completely so the general trend is one of a building tension continuum through to November 8th.

    In addition to the chart below, note that the collector programs that we run that collect daily language and compare it to forecasts, has a sudden jump from .9% fulfillment to over 9.8 % in the 'israeli mistake' language. So it appears as though the Israelis are going to attack Iran within a short period of time, perhaps within the next 30 days.

    This would fit with the release language on the 11th of July, or any of the subsequent release language episodes for the rest of that month. One can also allow monkey mind (?)to speculate that the 12 days of torment for the Obama administration minions over the first 12 days of August *could* be provoked by the israeli mistake having been initiated in the weeks prior.

    I had a failure of imagination in thatI could not conceive of the Israeli mistake (attack on Iran) as taking *months* to lead to the overwhelming response, i.e. global thermonuclear war. This was a failure on my part. In speaking with George, we were able to noodle up a scenario whereby it does take several months following the Israeli mistake launch before the multinational thermonuclear response could/would/does occur. This then does fit the current chart (from a speculative, monkey mind perspective), in that a July attack on Iran produces a November global thermonuclear war as the Allies take on the TPTB and their stooges, the Israelis and the American Military Empire.

    Being a human, this idea that TPTB trick the populace of the planet into yet another useless war over religion by the religious in servile slavish worship of the irreligious does not sit well with me. I had repeatedly thought that the Terra entity involvment within the November tipping point could well be the clue that it was to NOT be horrific, species ending war, but rather would be some giant earth changes such as the Pacific tectonic plate cracking that we are also expecting. Or even, giant radiation from the sun.

    However, the recent and very large jump in magntitude of the language forecast for the 'israeli miske', sub set 'active war launch', is too much to ignore. So without regard as to how long it may take, or the many other ramifications, the data streaming in now suggests that the [israeli mistake] that leads to so much planetary misery is on, and likely soon.

    Please note that the temporal markers along the way to the [active attack phase (of israeli mistake)] have all been met, and the largest, and closest to the actual manifestation of the [israeli mistake] was the [ranking general faux pas (mal mots)] that we have just seen fulfilled in these most recent news stories about Obama and his General McCrystal.

    So my position has altered in that it is seeming more likely by the day that the [israeli mistake] is 'on' and soon. Many of the critical elements now in place are not able, from a military logistics view point, to be maintained for too long in place before their usefulness degrades below acceptable levels.....therefore, certain conclusions need to be drawn appropriately.

    As you may note from the chart below, the period from July 11th through to the tipping point of November 8th through the 11th is both very short, and extremely 'toothy'....as may be expected of the time between the skirmish (the israeli mistaken attack on Iran), and the resultant global thermonuclear war.
    Also note, we could be wrong about the 'whats' and 'whys' of the building tension and release tension points....there is always consistent hope for that as we get the details wrong repeatedly. However, the temporal marker of the ranking general in deep **** came from the same data set that produced the israeli mistake forecast. So......take it all as speculative, until it is not.
    Now it is up to you to decide what will occur, and how. After all, it is the mass of humans who run this planet, though they may not rule it, they can shut down and stop anything they choose when they choose, by simply *not* cooperating with stupid bull**** from the 'system'...aka, TPTB.
    Chart is annotated.
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