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    The webbots have predicted a twin earthquake for Dec 10-12. This part was posted on http://urbansurvival.com:
    "There continue to be aspect/attribute sets which accrue in support of the [earthquake] in December. The actual range in December has been noted in modelspace to extend from December 3rd out to January 5th, but the spot of the largest accretion of groups of support within that range is December 10th through the 12th. This is also when the [visibility] sub set summations are at their peak. Further, the sub set of [earthquake] for December, while having a 32/thirty-two to 36/thirty-six degree latitude band for the 'center' of this particular earthquake series, also are indicating a [radiating/extending northward] pattern of impact. The [northward/north bound] direction of this [earthquake] will somehow be more significant relative to the [damage caused] than other potential directions. Further the [location] of the [epicenter] is indicated to have something of a [joke/pun], or other [playful quality] associated with the local name.
    The Terra entity has had growth in the supporting layers of a number of sets which are themselves acting as support via cross links to the GlobalPop and Populace/USofA sets of [food supplies]. The data sets seemingly indicate that Terra intrusions this Fall and Winter will produce some [dramatic] new [crises] within the area of the [food supplies]. This is showing as being planetary in scope."
    And the psychics in California are saying they're getting "vibrations in the etheric". Course, could be too many bean sprouts. ​

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    How does this correlate to the SC quake of 3.6 or so?
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    Clif and Igor sent out an email saying they got this one wrong. Yep, too many bean sprouts. :rolleyes:
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