Wedding Vows

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    During the wedding rehearsal, the groom approached the
    pastor with an unusual offer.

    "Look, I'll give you $100 if you'll change the wedding vows.
    When you get to me and the part where I'm to promise to
    'love, honor and obey' and 'forsaking all others, be
    faithful to her forever,' I'd appreciate it if you'd just
    leave that part out." He passed the minister a $100 bill and
    walked away satisfied.

    The next day during the wedding ceremony, the time came for
    the bride and groom to exchange their vows. The pastor
    looked the young man in the eye and said, "Will you promise
    to prostrate yourself before her, obey her every command and
    wish, serve her breakfast in bed every morning of your life,
    and swear eternally before God and your lovely wife that you
    will not ever even look at another woman, as long as you
    both shall live?"

    The groom gulped, looked around, and said in a tiny voice,
    "Yes." He then leaned toward the pastor and hissed, "I
    thought we had a deal."

    The pastor put the $100 bill into the groom's hand and
    whispered back, "She made me a much better offer."

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    Dang connivin' wimmen.
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