Week 9: Free NukAlerts & Katadyn Varios w/ qualifying mbr. purchases

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by JC Refuge, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Free top-quality preps are the kind of score anyone can appreciate. True to form, Safecastle is coming through once again during this ninth week of the killer "Repel the Chaos" series of offers to our customers.

    From October 19-28 (or while supplies last), our buyers club members who make any purchase of Lindon Farms foods and/or Mountain House canned foods totaling ...

    - at least $777 will receive a free NukAlert, value $177

    - or at least $999 will receive the NukAlert PLUS a Katadyn Vario, value $99!

    One weekly Repel the Chaos offer per member please. The free items are automatically added in our fulfillment process--they will not appear in your cart.

  2. JC Refuge

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  3. JC Refuge

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  4. JC Refuge

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    ATTENTION: Mountain House has asked me to find a person or two who would be willing to talk with a reporter who is doing a story for The New York Times on them. The focus for your interview would be your purchase of MH food for long-term storage and why MH. Please email me by noon, Thurs., Oct. 25, with your name, email address, and phone number, which I will pass on to MH. They will in turn provide your contact info to the reporter so that he/she can contact you.
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    Sorry JC,I wouldn't wipe my a** with the New York times if it was the last bit of paper on earth,and i will be damned if I would talk to anyone who works for that anti-American, left wing paper! Everyone should avoid them like a rabid skunk!
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