Wegner / Victorinox Swiss Army Bayonet Blanks and hardware

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Bear, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Bear

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    Happy New Year Monkeys!

    Picked these up a while ago and made some pig spears with hand forged sockets with them.

    Project is now done and these are available.

    10 available - All Gone

    8 are marked with the W for Wegner (who I understand is no longer in business after being acquired by Victorinox) and 2 are marked with the V.

    The 8 Wegners look to be unused while the 2 Victorinox looks like they were sharpened a bit.

    All will need a final edge. Sheaths are tight.

    All are marked with serial numbers... and Swiss Markings.

    It was bit tricky to figure out how to get these apart to preserve all the components rather than just grinding everything off... my gear puller and a couple steel rods did the trick... the friction fit on these handles is amazing...

    Good project for those that want to add their own natural, stacked, micarta handle or a socket... or anyone just looking for a tool with that legendary Swiss steel ....

    $20 each plus $5 shipping Priority, insured with tracking to the USA only. (I might be able to get a couple in the flat rate envelope and save you some shipping... )

    I added a couple pictures of the spear I made to help your imagination on what can be done ;) (Spear is not for sale)

    PP accepted and fees always appreciated but not required...

    Thanks for taking a look...

    Take Care and God Bless,









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  2. runswithdogs

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    My what pretty pokey things you have ;)

    Sadly I suspect UK customs would have a complete meltdown if I tried to get that last one into the country....:cautious:
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  3. pearlselby

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    @Bear beautiful hardware!!
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  4. Bear

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    Yeah... @runswithdogs ... but great for your next hog hunt ;)
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  5. Bear

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    LOL @pearlselby ... thanks for your kind words and admiring my hardware ;)

    10 were available... all gone
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  6. kellory

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    Very nice, Bear. I have in mind a belt knife that would lock into a walking stick with a 90° twist
    One of those blades would do very nicely. Let me see if I can swing it, with the AR build going on now.
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  7. Bear

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    @kellory... These are nice blades with outstanding Swiss steel, a bunch of applications and easy to rehandle... Thanks for the interest....

    all gone
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  8. Hanzo

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    Good stuff!
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  9. insidious

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    These are all gone yes???
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  10. Bear

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    yup... sorry about that.... good to see you here!
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