Welcome Back to School!

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    If you play Alice Cooper's song backwards, it tells you to go back to school ;)

    Every year, on the last day, we rock the year out to his tune. I thought it was fitting that we might rock in the new school year, too, so I changed the lyrics to fit.

    Here's our Back To School song (If you want the music, the original video is below).
    Well you’ve got no choice
    All you girls and boys
    Put away your toys
    And quit makin’ noise
    So grab your book bag
    And salute your flag
    Time for education
    All across the nation.

    School’s in for the autumn
    Grab your books if you’ve got ‘em
    Time to write a thesis.

    Grab your pencils
    Grab your books
    Time to write in your notebooks

    Yes it’s time for math
    And for history too
    Busy science labs
    There’s language arts to do

    School’s in for the season
    Learn to think and to reason
    Ed..u..cate your brain

    Grab your pencils
    Grab your books
    Time to write in your notebooks
    Out with summer
    It’s now fall
    Welcome back to one and all

    School's in for the autumn
    School's in for a reason
    School's in with fever
    School starts this morning

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