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    How dare you have fun on our city streets. Where do you think you are at anyway? Up against the way you Mofo, assume the position. Oh by the way, how do you like your visit to the big apple so far?
    Some body peed in these cops cherrios this morning. What a bunch of Stormtrooper assholes.
    Couple Arrested For Dancing While On Date

    July 10, 2012 by Bryan Nash
    Caroline Stern and George Hess spent 23 hours in prison for dancing.​
    Prison is a hop, skip and a jump away. Just ask a New York City couple. George Hess, 54, and Caroline Stern, 55, were arrested after dancing while waiting on a train.
    The couple was at the Columbus Circle subway station, along with a musician playing the steel drums. The couple, who were on their way back from Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: A Midsummer Night’s Swing, decided to pass the time by dancing.
    “We were doing the Charleston,” Stern said.
    According to Stern, two cops arrived on the scene and wanted an explanation.
    “They said, ‘What are you doing?’ and we said, ‘We’re dancing,’ ” remembered Stern. “And they said, ‘You can’t do that on the platform.’”
    According to the couple, the police asked for ID, but Stern had only a credit card. Hess began to record the incident; but the cops became hostile, called for backup and tackled Hess.
    The couple was arrested and taken to jail, where they spent 23 hours.
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    More and more we see LEO's looking for reasons to engage in violent altercations. I blame video games...
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    It don't suit me at all, but I am just a fat olde phart like Santa Claus. I am making a list and checking it twice. I am gonna know for sure who is naughty and not so nice. A day of atonement is coming, and it won't be for the meek or the squeamish.
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    I'm all for having the need for sensible laws but this is just ridiculous.

    Guess I won't be going to NY anytime soon
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    We have a "transplant" living out this way. He retired from NYPD 3 years ago and moved out here a year ago this past May.
    Up the road a ways we have a strip of land that is 130 yards long and almost 70 yards wide. Its owned by a local gent who has allowed it to be a shooting range by the locals for the past 30+ years.
    Well, 5 of us were over there a few months after he moved up. We were making good use of multiple mag fed firearms. To say we spent some ammo would be an understatement. Well, ole NYPD boy thought he was gonna figure out where all of that shootin was comin from and get us thrown in jail. Once he found us, he came out of his pickup just a rantin and ravin. He informed us that he will be calling for backup and we were to step away from our firearms immediately.
    Once we got done laughing our asses off we told him he better get back in his truck and get the f*** off the property as we KNEW he did not have permission to be on that land. We backed that up with "you go call some current officers and let them deal with it". He left but not before spewing a few more threats of jail time for all of us.
    We went back to shooting. While hanging a new target my buddy's phone starts to ring. He answers then starts to write an address down on a piece of target. I peer over his shoulder and start ot laugh my *** off. I almost wet myself. Did I mention my buddy is a County Deputy and a town Police officer? He is and since SP was busy at the other end of the County, the call got turfed to the "on call" local officer.
    He said that when he got to the guys house he got out of his truck and put his coat and cap on (Town Name PD) and the guys chin bounced off the porch. He walked up, identified himself, and then asked what the problem was.
    Needless to say the transplant tried a few times to screw with us by calling the cops, code enforcement, tax assessor, etc. but each time was met with "too bad city boy".
    I dont know what makes some of these cops think they are right in harassing civilians but I do know that people will only take harassment for so long before they do something about it.

    I think this past year has been a good learnin experience for the ole boy though. Some corrective measures seem to have been taken on his part. He has decided it is better to be a good guy instead of a bad guy and has even attended a couple town socials this summer so far.
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  7. tacmotusn

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    Let's hope he wises up to the point of actually being accepted among the locals. Maybe there is hope for a few of them.
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    In many places that takes years, even if you don't start off being a major jerk.
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