For Sale Welcome to New Safecastle Website. Instructions to Activate Account

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    Dear Safecastle Customers

    We are happy to announce our new website. Please also find below how you can re-activate your account.

    How do existing members login?

    We have moved all your account history from old site to new site however your safety we need you to set your new password and activate your account. We sent an account activation email yesterday (came from Once you click Activate account you just need to set a new password and you are good to go. All your existing accounts history and membership status will be maintained.

    You can also follow the steps below:

    Click on the yellow bar on top of the page to go to register page and create an account
    Use the same email you had on the old site (to ensure we link your old account to new)
    Chose new password for your safety
    You will get the activation email.

    You are good to go. Create your account by clicking on link below.
    Create Account



    Annual Membership

    We are launching our new site with Annual Membership with more benefits like expedited shipping, check it out.

    We will continue to support existing members please make sure you activate your account so we can link your accounts and maintain your membership status.

    We are not offering new Lifetime Memberships at this moment.


    Loyalty Rewards 2017

    All annual club members in good standing are automatically enrolled. All member purchases from during the program period above count toward the accumulation of your reward points.

    Pls ensure your membership status is maintained and we will keep on adding your points towards loyalty rewards.


    Now you have a new way to connect with you. You will notice yellow bar at the bottom of your screen. This will enable us to chat with you and give instant answers on any questions you may have.

    Note that our timings are Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM EST.

    If we are not available drop a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



    We are aware of some issues and we are working to resolve them as quickly as we can.

    Members not seeing discounts on checkout.
    Discounts code are not working. Members seeing errors "not eligible"
    Member prices not showing consistently

    Rest assure we are working on these and will resolve as quickly as possible.

    Also note that some old discounts may not work we will create new ones as we bring new promotions and offers.
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    Do use the chat feature on our website for any questions you may have.
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    Please activate account. Ignore this message if already done.
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