Mosby Welcome to the Mead Hall, Motherfuckers!

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    Welcome to the Mead Hall, Motherfuckers!

    Jan 20th, 2015 MG Last modified 2 months ago
    I am aware that many—most—readers here have followed us from the older Mountain Guerrilla site. In light of that realization, I feel it is necessary to point out some changes in editorial policies that will be in effect at this new site. These should not change the mission or execution of that mission much, if at all. It will however, change the methods of delivery.

    For one, in the past, my articles have typically run anywhere from 3-4 pages, to 15 or more pages in length. While the lengthy type article will continue here, I am going to take the opportunity to share other things I come across that strike me as relevant to the conversation here. Some of these may simply be links, with or without comment, to other sites. Others may be as simple as the retarded, single sentence (or even single word) hashtag type statement made popular by Twitter.

    That will be the biggest change here. Rather than simply being a case of John lecturing readers, I am going to make an attempt to turn this more into a conversation. At the same time however, because of the pain-in-the-ass that commentary from readers on blogs can sometimes quickly turn into, I am going to control comments. Post something that can be definitively said to be “stupid” or “offensive” and it won’t stick around. That having been said, I’ve got a pretty broad definition of those words.

    Finally, I have been given a weapons-free status on language here. For those who have read my writing for any length of time, this leads to the realization that there will be liberal profanity strewn throughout my writing. It’s how I speak, and it’s how I write. If that offends your delicate sensibilities, well, tough shit. Any complaint about my vulgarities will be deleted post-haste, and I’ll probably make fun of you for being a whiny bitch.

    With that, welcome to the mead hall, motherfuckers.
    Welcome to the Mead Hall, Motherfuckers! | Mountain Guerrilla
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