"Welcome to the republican party..."

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Heard our Am talker today:
    "A freshman college student comes home and proceeds to lecture her father on the topics discussed by her enlightend professors, how evil it was for him to do so well when others had so little....What right did he have to be so well off?
    The father asks his daughter how she was doing inschool? She proudly expounds on her hard won 4.0 gpa..her father asks about her childhood friend at the same school...,"Sue?" No she's only got a 2.0 she's barely passing because shedoesn't study,She parties all the time and doesn'twork very hard.

    To which the father responds well thats hardly fair, to believe your professors you should go down to the registrar's offiice and demand a grade point be taken from you and added to hers so youboth will have 3.0gpa's, then it would be fair.."
    But, But the daughter stammered "that's not fair I worked hard for that GPA..."
    The father smiles and says"welcome to the republican party"...
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    [LMAO] That would be a fantastic way to explain it to our youth.

    But Tango..... c'mon, you know as well as I that is not the repubs anymore. Maybe the old republican party of the past, or the one Ron Paul would lead them into, but not this bunch of totalitarian neocons that have taken over the party.

    How 'bout - Freshman college student comes home and shows her father the new rfid implant the school tagged her with and tells him about the visit she had from the "abc agents" over some questionable library books she checked out.
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