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    QS, If you took some of that MONEY, your fingers would ROT OFF.... just out of shame......
  3. TnAndy

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    I used to agree with you, but now, I feel it's everyone's patriotic duty to take everything the State can give, and bring the day this thing crashes faster, so we can start over, and maybe the slugs will have to work for a while next time around.
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    Some of us that actually get government assistance do so because we dont have a choice. Not all of us are "slugs". Due to an injury, my husband lost a well paying job, and now settles for minimum wage. Since we now can't afford daycare, I have to be a stay at home mother, and can not bring in additional income.
    I do agree there are people who abuse the system, and I for one will be off as soon as possible. There is nothing more degrading then handing over a food stamp card, but knowing i am doing it to make sure my children have food makes me know at least I am doing right by them.
    I come here for helpful info, to find ways to sustain a family on meager income and find this. How very helpful to lump all people together in a stereotypical group.
    I use to enjoy this site, but no longer will be a member. Thanks for being so warm and kind.
  5. TnAndy

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    Alright...since you fired up the flamethrower, I hope you have Nomex undies......

    First off, you weren't a "member" before. Your only single post is one to blast us for the real reason you're mad.....which is the hole in life you've stepped in. That kind of attitude is likely going against the old saying "when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging". You're still digging.

    Second: I don't know you or your family situation, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that when your husband WAS making good money, not a dime of it was spent on disability insurance, was it ? And most likely, very little in savings. And most likely, lots more debt than you should have had.

    You look at food stamps as both degrading and yet a life saver.....both of which are true. What you DON'T see is that charity from others BY FORCE is not charity...it's theft.

    IF there were no food stamps, would you be justified in breaking into my house and stealing my supper ? No, of course not.

    Then HOW is it moral for you to band together with other people, form a govt that does EXACTLY THAT ?

    I could go on and on......and none of it would make a dent in your anger....which is MORE of your own making than anyone here. You fail to see the big picture, just as you failed to see the micro picture in your own life, and prepare for the "holes" that come time to time. Well, we all fail to see some things coming.....the difference is some people accept what was their fault, and other lash out at the world from their hole.

    Which one are you ?
  6. ghrit

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    I take a slightly different position than Andy regarding how you should feel on taking gov't largess. Food stamps are exactly a lifesaver, as intended. And, as long as we are compelled to pay into the system, we are equally permitted to tap it for times of need. Our monkey ire is aimed at those who bleed the system thru their own fault, not those that get there thru outside influences. Which are you, really, the ant or the cricket? If you're the ant that got stepped on, no shame nor feeling degraded required.

    We hope you don't abandon the site. There are ways to combat your situation, however dire; read up on them and use them to get out of the hole you are in. Or don't. SM is full of folks that are sympathetic and willing to help with good ideas if your attitude is right, but come in with a chip on your shoulder and find out what a cold shoulder is like to go with the chip.

    Stay or go, your choice. The SM site has no emotions and doesn't care, tho' some members might.
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  7. Seacowboys

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    If entitlements are shut down, I will have to be more responsible for my wife's mother and her husband, both disabled and relying heavily on social security, medicaid, medicare, and the VA: so be it. My daughter by a very distant marriage, will probably resort to robbing, once the food-stamps stops, at least until she ends up in prison or shot by someone; so be it. I am entering the end game myself and do not have the health or energy to last many more years; so be it. I have offered to take care of them and will do so as I live and breath. The Laws of nature stand alone with a way distant second-place held by Charity.Nature will balance itself eventually and only those that the environment will support, will survive. I didn't make those rules, God did. So be it.
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  8. Seawolf1090

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    I have known a few people who had some severe misfortune, and had to resort to Welfare to make ends meet and keep the kids fed. They worked hard to get back on their feet, and did. I applaud them.

    Those who, by their own choice, remain on Welfare their entire lives and raise generations on it, have nothing but my disgust and undying enmity. Welfare is supposed to be a form of temporary 'aid', not a way of life.

    I personally would prefer to see The State get out of the "Charity Game" altogether.
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  9. BTPost

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    I like Seawolf's last comment,
    as it fits well with my own feelings, on this issue. It should be the local people who dispense "Charity" to those in need. That is the way it was done back early in our countries history, and it seems that our liberal friends have used this crutch, to get themselves a Voting Block, to keep themselves in office. Let the Bleeding Hearts, spend THERE Treasure all they want to right life's injustices. It just isn't the governments place to do so. I point out, that Catholic Community Services, and like organizations, do very good work, in this area, and I encourage and applaud that approach, to Welfare, and providing a "Safety Net" for folks who have endured such a Life Injustice. Where was it written that "Life HAD to be FAIR", or that "Everyone HAD to BE Equally well off, or equally underprivileged, or equal in ANYTHING" ????
  10. grunt351

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    Echoing some of the above, how about we quit sending aid and any kind of help overseas? How about taking care of our own back yard instead.
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  11. Seacowboys

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    We can live the life of ants, all workers or soldiers to protect and serve the queen but we must forfiet our right to reproduce and never forget there is always that kid with a magnifying glass just waiting for sunshine to strike. Ants lead a very simple existence without out much choice.
  12. mysterymet

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    If your husband is too disabled to get anything more than minimum wage why doesn't he stay home and watch the kids and you go out and work? Just a thought.
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