Well, Nadja, won't be seeing you around SolarPanelTalk

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by TnAndy, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. TnAndy

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    As I've apparently offended the resident God of All Things Electrical there..... (Sunking...and note, he actually believe he IS electrical royalty !) sent me the following PM for pointing out all of errors:

    PM from Sunking:
    First and last warning. Stop the harassment or you will find yourself on the outside looking in.

    And my response was:

    So, harassment is pointing out all the obvious mistakes you make ?

    I've been thrown out of far better places than this. Although I may be on the outside, I assure you I won't be "looking in", and having to suffer any more of your juvenile arrogance. I'll leave that to the folks that stay here and put up with your bullsh!t.

    Hasta La Vista.....bookmark deleted.....the "king" is safe.

    So, if you travel back over there, buddy, make SURE you don't step on his toes by pointing out how full of crap he is...or you too may be banned....(shiver).......ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. ColtCarbine

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    Just his username alone says a lot about his arrogance. [monkeyeating]
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  3. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Just a rotten shame that one cannot get his hands on some people--well, maybe it is a good thing--lol.
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  4. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    Judging from what I've read on that forum, you should expect this response. Those guys aren't in the right mindset. They never anticipate a SHTF situation--just get a gennie. They're gonna be so screwed.

    Plus, you people praising your response, which probably chaffed his ego.
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  5. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I rarely look in on that forum

    I rarely look in on that forum...why would I need to?....my 12KVA dynamo operated wristwatch can power half a city block...and that's without using the watch's solar panel. The watch's 200Kg UPS strapped to my back is a bitch tho! : O
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  6. BTPost

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    TnAndy, It is their LOSS, not Yours, or Ours... There are folks, around everywhere, that have inflated views, of their own importance. I flee from such Blowhards, when recognized. Feel good, that you got out early, and without now Drama... We all know, who has built, and designed, Off-Grid Systems, and who are Posers... .....
  7. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    My impression is that that guy is an engineer and was probably on a Navy sub judging from some of his posts. All of this is purely academic to him. Real world experience is probably nil. Book smarts vs. real world experience.....the guy who has actually done it and has the pics is going threaten his superiority.

    Most of those guys on that site are abrasive...I would never post there even just to ask a question.
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  8. rsbhunter

    rsbhunter Monkey+

    solar panel talk

    This is why I'm here now.a very wise,nice,and decent man suggested that I visit this site,after being on the "other" site. But please let us all keep this in the front of our minds, when we are answering questions that are worded wrong (me) ,or has been asked before 100 times.....sometimes your reward will be only that people respect your knowledge and honesty enough to ask for, and put to use the knowledge you unselfeshly share......besides "those guys " sell big grid tied systems...but I could be wrong......rsbhunter
  9. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Actually, I'd been on the site 5-6 years ago, when I was a "solar newbie" too, asking questions....I'd forgotten about being there when I ran across it again this past summer....and had left that previous time because of the "so helpful attitude" of people there, mainly SunKing. Had totally forgotten that until I started posting a few months, and then it hit me "hey....THIS is that site I left before".

    IF you notice, they have a lot of registered users, but most come, ask a question or two, and then are gone...that tells me a lot about a site.

    Anyway, life's too short to waste on a pile of dog manure like him, so that's one less place to expend my energy.
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  10. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Exactly. I mean, I wasn't there to preach the gospel of prepping, and mostly tried my best to avoid it.....but every time somebody wanted an off grid system, or grid tie with battery backup, they (mostly the King) would jump on them like a fly on stink, and make them feel like an idiot for even considering it.....as if money was the ONLY reason anyone would ever consider solar....

    And honestly, from Sunking's posts, he acts like his whole mission is to keep ANYBODY from ever putting solar in for almost ANY reason.....I had to wonder if he wasn't simply a shill for the electric generation industry !
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  11. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Hi Andy, I almost got thrown off that site for just reprimanding one of the other "experts" for admonishing a newbi just because he asked a siimple question. I also asked him if he didn't think that being polite and just answering the question was much better then the a.. wipe answer about being stupid to the newbie would be a benifit to his site. His answer was: if they want to know, they can pay me $50.00 per houre for those questions, as that is what I am worth. They are just a bunch of yo yo's with overinflated ego's and their site is not worth your time.
  12. rsbhunter

    rsbhunter Monkey+

    questions answered

    What Nadja said about the $50.00 an hour is so true! I was on there asking questions about solar off grid, and being a newbie, had a million questions (kinda like here!).....and was told "iv'e already given enough free professional advice, there won't be anymore.." Well, if your in the business to make money out of the solar business, fine...that is your right....but don't take the attitude that everybody else is stupid......i'm sure there are guy's on both of the sites, that could diagnose a problem with a car, medical condition, or construction problem that would leave same "solar expert" feeling TOTALLY inadequate, and could portray him as an "idiot" for not knowing the answers.....anyway, if you want to spend BIG $$$$ and get a grid tied system, and be made to feel stupid about learning about same system....we know where to refer you to......if you want help, and advice from guy's (and girls) that have "been there, done that" visit this site...." newbie" ISN'T a four letter word here!!!!!!!!rsbhunter [respect]
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  13. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    You apparently have not been graced with Gunkid's presence yet. Pray that when you are you identify it quickly and holler out for the Troll Killer Brigade. Gunkid is an internet meme in his own right, of sorts. He is the epitome of internet troll.

    Internet Bridge Troll - YouTube
  14. rsbhunter

    rsbhunter Monkey+

    Guess i had better start saving my money so that i can buy a

    <DL class=userinfo_extra><DT>Join Date</DT><DD>Feb 2010</DD><DT>Posts</DT><DD>4,394</DD></DL>
    icon1. (this is the reason i left)

    I have gone beyond what is expected with FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. From this point on you are on your own.

    God Bless the USA

    SK ​
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  15. CATO

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    That guy is such a douche.
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  16. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I can't grace him to meddle there. More like an enema is appropriate.
  17. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Falcon15 , I have run into 'gunkid' on another site. I believe he is the 15 yo. that advocates living in a hole dug in the ground and coming out at night to raid prepared people and carry everything in his little solar powered wheelbarrow.
  18. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    Except he is a grown man that conducts himself like a 12 year old.
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  19. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    To all those out there, both old guys and newbie's. We have three "solar expert" type of stores here in my little town. Largely due to the large areas with no grid available. One of them a few years ago, had just sold a Trace Sine Wave inverter, and of course his expert installation.
    Upon connecting the cables from the batteries to the inverter, it fried. He held up his hands and told the un happy owner that he was no on his own and promptly left.

    A friend of mine recently had a problem with a couple of panels not working. He called store no. 1 and for $65.00 per came out and "looked" at it and said that they agreed, as to there was something wrong. Collected their money and left. Store no. 2 said that they were too busy and would try and squeeze him in for a charged visit in a few weeks or so. He called me to discuss it. I told him I would be over to his house in the morning. Once I got there, he , like me has two different arrays on two different C-60 charge controllers. Now, the test I preformed, needs to be in the early morning sun hours, before the batteries reach float and start automatically backing off incoming sun.
    I simply had him watch the two charge controllers and covered one solar panel at a time with a piece of cardboard. When you cover a good panel , you will see a drop on one of the charge controllers, while if you cover a bad panel, you will see no noticeable change. Problem solved. Very simple and no charge. Ever !

    These are prime reasons why I never trust the "expert" especially who work or own a solar store. There only goal is to make money
  20. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    ....sounds like you could set up shop and take all the business away from the other jerks. They probably used to work at Solyndra before they hit the big-time.
    Why Solyndra Won't Go Away - BusinessWeek

    You could probably check through ColtCarbine's govt. grants post and find some start-up capital. Seriously.....
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