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    Newbie is not a dirty word here...that is not unless you say guns are useless, trash the idea of Second Ammendment rights, and claim that Obama's the best thing since sliced bread and elastic sided boots....then one might strike a few problems.... ; ) All jokes aside, provided that newbies are respectful of others on the site, and are not completely up themselves, most folk here have quite a bit of time for new contributors to the forums.

    I am often happy to help newbies who are genuinely wanting to learn about prepping and self sufficiency and self sustainability....and have learned much from researching the answers to questions that newbies have asked. In that way we all learn and grow and enjoy the free and generous spirit of cooperation that makes this site a pleasure to visit and particpate in.

    The welcoming that is given to newcomers who make their first posts here is not just an empty ritual of obligation, but a genuine invitation to become active and contribute to the site's communal offerings and the sharing of information...after that...it is up to you how much or how little you avail yourself of that invitation. The rewards for doing so are considerable, as I have found.
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    FREE INFO!!!!!!!!

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