Went Browsing In A Gun Store A Couple Of Days Ago

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TXKajun, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Sweetie and I got out of town for a day trip a couple of days ago and ended up going into a fairly nice gun store. They had used guns, new guns, gun cases, self-defense sprays, camping gear, ya'll know, the usual stuff.

    I'd gone into our local pawn shop a week or so ago and had browsed there, so I had a little idea of prices on used guns, at least here in our area. eek.

    The gun store had some rather nice looking NIB Saiga 7.62X39 (Mercury/Hermes importer) rifles available that kinda caught my eye, especially because the price on these seemed semi-reasonable compared to the other rifles available, including the used ones at our local pawn shop. The manager kept saying "Oh, when I sell these, I'm not going to be able to get anymore." "They're incredibly in demand now at any price, almost." "It took me 2 months to get these 2 in and I probably won't be able to replace them any time soon." Pretty fair sales pitch, especially seeing how the Presidential election seems to be going.

    I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with these? Pistol grip, extra 30 rnd magazine (2 30 rnd mags/rifle), side scope mount, cleaning kit, 922 compliant specifically. I found them online for $520 as of December 2011, but that was with a single 10 rnd mag.


  2. Gafarmboy

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    My 2 cents...

    Can not speak to the AK model, but they do make one hell of a shotgun...Sweet Jesus, it is one rugged tool.

  3. Alpha Dog

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    The Ak modle is a good shooter and dependable I have shot several and had good results. I am not sure about what Im getting ready to say but when I had first noticed them and was talking to a couple guys. They told me that when they were imported the Feds wouldn't let them hit the market until they had X amount of US parts and that how they came about not being a true AK. I dont see how the US parts affected it looks like the same to me. Plus Russia in my opinion has always made the best AK's in the world. For the price you are talking with the extras not a bad deal and I think as a fighting rifle it would hold its ground.
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    The "rules" for AK and variants are spelled out in Sec 922r. Basically, it says that a certain number of parts have to be of US origin, or the weapon is illegal to possess. Not difficult to comply, but critical to know if you are buying an import or building one from a kit.
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    I've been told that anything that has come from a distributor then to the gun shop is legal. You only have to go the extra parts route (922 compliance) if you change certian parts. I think at least 10 of 18 or so parts than have to be of US mfg. Check to make sure though.
  6. strunk

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    Stop believing what you're told and read the law.
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  7. maleaco

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    I also agree, they are quite durable
  8. techsar

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    Mine is like a Timex...never misses a beat. Red Jacket did a good job on it...and that was before the tv show :)
  9. Alpha Dog

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    Hey TXKajun I got the chance yesterday to burn some old ammo a buddy had he gave me because he sold his gun a few months agoo and another friends bought one of the Sagas Fri. and wanted me to test it with hime. I had 400 rounds and he had 150 we burnt through them all and did not clean had a ball no jams gun worked like a dream and good accuracy at 50 and 100 yards. I think I might look one up just to have.
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    I have. Find someone else to get smart with, and keep your advice to yourself unless someone asks for it.:mad:

  11. Tikka

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    Mercury/Hermes is the new importer; the ex importer was the Russian American Armory. Don't know what happened.

    It is a firearm which left the old country with a single stack mag well. After they arrive here; the importer legally modifies them to accept a double stack magazine. To do this they add more US made parts which makes the firearm legal under 922R.

    Where you must be careful is some conversions are only 30 round legal with the magazine(s) which came with the weapon or others using with US made floor plates and followers. US made mag springs do not count so look up what does count.
    Or to be compliant, you can add other permanent parts. Such as trigger, hammer, PG, butt stock, etc.
    As Forrest Gump said stupid is as stupid does.

    Read the law; what I wrote was the very short version of the bare minimum. However, now you have an idea. ;)

    Saigas work as well as any AK and are as accurate as other AKs. AK is too loose to be accurate; however, it is accurate enough.

    At the end of the day the reality is it is an AK.. :D
  12. CaboWabo5150

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    What is the purpose of the law requiring them to have a certain amount of US made parts ?
    Just my SOP of questioning authority I suppose...
  13. doubletap1911

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    So the ATF can mess with you I'm pretty sure.
  14. ghrit

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    I haven't been able to trace this regulation as a requirement of law. If anyone can do so, I for one would appreciate seeing the thinking. Pending such "clarity" of thinking, it's a tool for BATFE, nothing more.

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  15. Cephus

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    That is about it ,it's just a tool for the ATF because they never thought that people could come up with away to make a receiver .
    They just made it harder to comply with what they said by telling guys that they had to have so many American parts . That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  16. Hispeedal2

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    The barrel import ban is another tricky one... the days of ok AKs at $350 and great AKs at $500 are pretty much past us... :(

    The 1968 Gun Control Act is what gives the BATFE the teeth to regulate parts compliance... of course what constitutes a "sporting firearm" is highly subjective. I don't think 90% of BATFE declares would not hold up in court, just as the AOW for a pistol with VFG and other instances. Of course, no one wants to be the test bed....

    The Saiga shotgun recently came under assault. There was a high amount of awareness being thrown out by some 3 gun associations where Saigas are used. That's where the definition of "sporting" began getting the most scrutiny. I don't recall what happened with that particular issue.
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