Went to Wanamacher's today!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gillman7, Mar 31, 2007.

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    Well, I went to the Gun Show today, and it is another good show.

    I was amazed at the prices on all of the AR stuff at the show. It was through the roof! I should have bought all of Melbo's stuff and taken it to the show, I would have made a killing! Half ass put together AR's were selling from $750 - $900.

    I did not buy any guns today, but tomorrow is another day. I did find some decently priced ammo. I found some .223 for $115/500 rounds of boxer primed brass, Lake City stuff. Bought some .45 ACP reloads for $20/100 rounds, 9mm $18/100 rounds. Also found some 00 Buck 12 gauge, for $2.50 for 5 rounds.

    I bought a LED conversion kit for my AA Mag Light with a new end cap. I had bought a 3 LED for one before but did not like it, because you could not narrow it to a spot light. This one is a single LED, and does focus into a spot as well as a broad beam. It is very bright, 1 watt, and the tail switch allows you to shine at 100%, 75%, and at 50% to save battery life. It also has a slow and fast strobe function on it as well. Very Cool. It is made by Nite Ize and is called, "LED Upgrade and IQ Switch"

    Well, I am going to go back tomorrow, and look around some more. Poacher and I are going to try and meet up at the show. I heard he and one of his buddies found a good deal out here.
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    Man I wish I was there. I used to go every year. It is the best gun show I have ever been to. Have fun. Maybe I'll be able to make the fall show.
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