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    in a really sick government simulation.

    from the latoc site:(life after the oil crash ):

    Rumors on the LATOC forum have been that "TPTB" have already used massive supercomputers to assign each of us a "detrivore score". The theory goes that as resources dry up we will be selectively eliminated depending on our score. The more useful you are to them, the longer you'll be allowed to live.

    Now, like I said, that's just a rumor. But here are some quotes from NSA whistleblower Russel Tice about a secret program so horrific he says it should never be revealed to the public. I'm not entirely sure how he is still alive but for the time being he is:

    Tice said his information is different from the Terrorist
    Surveillance Program that Bush acknowledged in December. “It’s
    an angle that you haven’t heard about yet,” he said. "I'm referring
    to what I need to tell Congress that no one knows yet, which is
    only tertiarily connected to what you know about now.

    In my case, there’s no way the programs I want to talk to
    Congress about should be public ever, unless maybe in 200 years
    they want to declassify them. You should never learn about it; no
    one at the Times should ever learn about these things.:shock:

    Full article:

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    From what I can gather abot being in the Power chair, You must consider ALL scenarios, and ALL solutions. Remember that these folks in the chairs are human too, tango. Most people could not even accept that sort of job if it ever came down to it, there would either be a mass resignation or a simple un solved murder of a higher up in government.
    It shouldnt suprise you that The government of the USA has made plans to attack and control every country in the world. It doesnt mean that its gonna happen, but just in case its nice to have a plan near by.
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