Were are the men with hearts of Bonhoeffer?

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    On my commute home from work I couldn't shake Dietrich Bonhoeffer out of my mind. His life, his sacrifice for liberty and most of all his love for God and country. Growing up in Germany in a wealthy family, Dietrich had the world at his fingertips and nothing holding him back. When Hitler became Chandler of Germany Dietrich was given meany opportunities to join the Nazie party, but he knew that his duty to God and his love for humanity confirmed his resolve to stand against injustice and appos the rise of the communism which spread throughout his mother country. Dietrich fought for righteousness against tyranny and bigotry and paid for it with his life in 1945 while in prison for this fight.
    Dietrich's fight was fermly rooted in Christ's love. He died only a matter of days before Hitler was killed. Days from freedom, and yet he still would not back down from his resolve to stand.
    Where are our Patriots, why do only so far and few between have such grit to fight against injustice as Dietrich Bonhoeffer did? Lord please help me find such fortitude as he did and stand against injustice and tyranny as I see it coming down the pike.
    To be a Patriot is a honor and we as Americans need to take a lesson from a Patriot who fought not only for his country men but also for his faith. I need such stamina and foundation in this day and age.

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    "Where are our Patriots, why do only so far and few between have such grit to fight against injustice..."

    There are still many patriots; however, some, I would say most, have become especially leery of making a stand for a number of reasons:
    1. They've been burned too many times.
    It seems every group or organization has its own agenda and few truly are what they seem to be.

    2. The government has not and are very careful not to push them over the edge.
    Think about it. If the government was to issue a proclamation tomorrow morning that the 2nd Amendment is null and void what would happen? This is certainly what they want but they also know the consequences of pushing too hard or too fast. Time is on their side, as is the laws (which they make), as is the money (which they print), as is the History (which they write), as is the Media (which they control), as is the power (which they hold). So, they nibble and circumvent the Constitution with carefully laid plans and orchestrated according to law while always holding the moral high ground as for "the benefit of the country."

    3. It's a tipsy scale in balance, government over-reach vs. what the people will tolerate to what a patriot has to lose.
    Most patriots have families, children, homes and that must be balanced against what government insanity has been orchestrated. It's a one-shot deal for the patriot. The entire power of the state will be use against the individual/group and they will be considered and dealt with as traitors. Our forefathers knew, as do we, treason is a win-all or lose-all decision. At this point, we still have not been pushed to the decision point, the breaking point but it is coming. I think no one that follows daily events would/could say otherwise.

    I would say, patriots are still here among us. We don't rush into the streets shouting death threats nor participate in riotous actions; however, we are preparing for when push-comes-to-shove and by continuing to support the Constitution. I meet more and more all the time and all have the same ideals and love of country as I do and they see what is coming and are preparing. As much as it might sicken one to listen to the insanity of obviously traitorous radicals within the government or see what their political-correctness (cultural-Marxism) is actually doing to the country it is within their right under the Constitution and that we must and will support until comes the time when they step over the line. And, they will.

    For what it is worth, this is my humble opinion...
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    He was a brave and principled man, and died a martyr. However, to paraphrase Gen. George Patton, " no SOB ever won a war by dying for his country (or cause). You win wars (and causes) by making the other SOB die for his". And, "He that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day". Better an unsung and live foot soldier than a martyr, although if I must die for my beliefs I hope and pray that I can die as well as he did.
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  4. Tully Mars

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    I suspect many are in their reloading rooms preparing..
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    I first started researching what is happening back in the mid 1990's. Soon after, I've used the internet for the past 20 years to spread the message and inform others. I like to think my efforts have done some good, but this is a fight which cannot be won by lone deprogramming tactics and archiving data. I also like to believe that if we are first educated, the rest of the steps which follow will be much softer on the feet. The trouble is not just getting the vital information out to people, due to various methods of disinformation and a heavy co-intel-pro fabrication of everything "conspiracy theory", which tends to cast a shadow on anything that exists outside the confines of the official narrative. The real problem resides in our habits of communication and every day practice, that is, "breaking the mold" we've come to accept as good citizens. How can one ever expect to convince another that virtually everything they've come to believe to be real is actually a cornucopia of lies and deceit? Time has a way with all things, and in time, we may begin to see ripples in the pond. This is all I can hope for at this point, because charging out into the open field yelling and pointing will not end this machine --it will only make you a martyr. Sure, books may be written about you, perhaps if you are lucky enough a full scale Hollywood drama might play on the big screen, but you will still end up being worm food and the machine will still keep on rolling. It's ironic, in a way I think. A movement in the past, that which has become not only our history, is retold by the champions who belong to the very corporations who then sell you their entertainment, and then profit from our indifference and ignorance.

    And the machine continues to grow and consume.
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  6. Wildbilly

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    Derailing a single train would have done more to shorten the war than all of his sermons and writings put together. It's a wonder that the Nazis didn't arrest him in 1938 when the war began considering his opposition, and the years that he spent in the USA and UK. The German Resistance never had a chance, even IF they had killed Hitler, because their goals were too unrealistic. They wanted Hitler dead, peace with the Western Allies, AND to keep their conquests in Europe. Hell, they might have wanted help fighting the USSR! Wasn't gonna happen! Thank GOD that the war ended the way it did!
  7. GOG

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    I think it's much simpler. Nobody wants to fire the first shot.
    If I must give my life then something must be worth my life. Dying alone gets any of us branded a "Lone Wolf" and the narrative rolls on.

    Yes, there are millions of "patriots". Have you ever heard the phrase "Sunshine Patriots"?

    I'll meet you at Lexington or Concord when the time is right. Until then keep your powder dry.

    "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system and too soon to shoot the bastards." ...Claire Wolff
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    The bankers loved Hitler, he gave them Israel, after all.
    Yeah, I bet that stings a little.
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