We're dooooomed...................

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    We're dooooomed...................
    <HR style="COLOR: #ffffff; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Read on:
    The following chart shows the national debt and the money which has been borrowed from several trust funds as of January 1, 2010:
    Total National Debt: $12,298,936,000,000
    Public Debt - Owed to individuals, banks, foreign entities: $7,811,009,000,000
    Intergovernmental Debt - Owed to federal trust funds: $4,487,927,000,000
    Owed to selected trust funds:
    Social Security (includes disability): $2,518,540,000,000Medicare Trust Fund: $304,612,000,000
    Federal Civil Service Retirement: $750,208,000,000
    Military Retirement: $295,792,000,000
    Source: U.S. Treasury
    Each month federal workers and the federal government make a deposit into retirement funds which are to be drawn upon when workers retire.
    However, Congress has spent all of the money in the Federal Civilian and Military Retirement Funds to pay for deficits. More than $1 trillion is now owed to just these two funds.
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    :cry:The US is bankrupt
  3. dragonfly

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    So, what does one do with bank robbers...?
    Even if they are the annoited ones?
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    I think you already know this, but it has been bankrupt since FDR took office. The fact that the Secretary of Treasury has the very same executive powers (USCA 12 Section 95(b)) as the POTUS is no accident; he is there to manage the bankruptcy and is the real person in "charge" (as much as puppets can be). The private banks own EVERYTHING -you, me, automobiles, houses, estates, land, the cows, chickens, anything that has been licensed and regulated is THEIRS, as you have been reduced to being a mere user. Not my words...theirs (Congressional Report 93-549).
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    They haven't placed my daughter up as a bond yet ($500,000 per every newborn). Her passport application listed her as 000-00-0000 SSN.
  6. dragonfly

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    Somedays it just might "pay" to be an "unregistered" alien!
    I wonder If I can get myself "deported" to say the "Virgin Islands"?
    I'm an albino ya know!
    Really, I'll even make my eyes red for ya!
  7. USMCwife

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    What is this bond thing you're referring to?
  8. Jonas Parker

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    Read The Mogambo Guru's column on Daily Reckoning today... we're FREAKIN' doomed!
  9. Brokor

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    All Americans are chattel property to be bought and sold by the corporations as collateral on the Federal Debt.
  10. USMCwife

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    I need some sources. Give me some links. I haven't heard of anything like this.
  11. Quigley_Sharps

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  12. fortunateson

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    And the only answer is to opt out of the system. If you're in the system, you're supporting the scheme. For every dollar you earn, what is it 1/2 - 3/4? Ends up back in their hands. We're humans slaves.
    If you don't work, you cut their pound of flesh by a fraction. If you barter, you cut out even more. Take your money out of the banks. Grow your own food or support local farmers. Trade everything you can. Buy used. Screw them all.

    Better yet; Flip to the other side. Become a taker rather than a producer. Beat them at their own game. So long as you're not dependent on them take everything they offer and give back nothing. You say you have too much pride? Too much pride for what? A covert mission? A false flag operation? Sabotage? When you realize who the enemy is, you'll see the honor in the mission.

    This is hard to do. We're all bound into the system, especially if you have debt. I sit here preaching as a hypocrite. I'm on the grid - another Judas.

    But there will come a day when we realize that there is no other way. These people have been given enough rope to hang themselves. They will literally cut off their own air supply. When you see the middle class starting to do all of the above, then the ride is over and their ticket is up. They'll collapse under their own weight. It's coming soon, and that, my friends is what we need to prep for.
  13. Brokor

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    We are all guilty in this for sure. The best we can do is prepare and help others to do the same.
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