We're Going to Kill the Dollar

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by UGRev, Jan 3, 2012.

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    And it is working...
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    Kyle Bass is a hoss.
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    The dollar dying

    The Chinese government really did a number on us. We are their Bi*& and they know it. All they have to do is stop loaning us money now and the whole house of cards tumbles. And they are working with Obama to raise the value of their currency. They say this will help us to be more competitive with china. But the only reason they are so competitive is because how low their wages are over their. Soon their currency will be of high value, ours will be of little value. They will be the world super power. They will have troops over here to help police us. They have done a super job destroying their enemy the soon to be former U.S.A.
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    I have to admit that sometimes in the middle of the night, when I am staring at the ceiling, pondering the state of the world, that verse from Revelation comes to mind - the one that says an army of 200 million will march from the East.....well, they won't get here, fortunately, if they are marching, haha....thank God for The Pond!
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    In my opinion China has been working on this type of take over since the 70's buying up CA and and flooding the US markets through out time with cheap junk and excited sheeple buying it up. Now everything is made over there and now the made in the USA lable is almost a myth.
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    China lacks the ability to deliver an invasion force and lacks the logistics to sustain it.
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    They are already here.I retired in '06 from close to forty years as a long haul driver with the last fifteen as a strictly specialised carrier.A lot of military equipment.Saw more than just a few times the un insignia on troops with what to me were strange camo patterns and different skin tones along with our own troops.If they were here just to train why did our own government ,for the most part, deny it until just too many people knew of their presence here? We as a nation may be in large part sheep but let our government unleash foreign troops on us and they will find out why there has never been a successful invasion of this country and also just how many gallows can be built in DC.We citizens would not be alone either.Most of our men & women in uniform will obey their oath to our constitution and unleash a fury that our politicos have so far held in check.
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    BUT they are building a Navy now and buying ex soviet stuff, and Logistics is taking from the locals and letting them starve.
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    They wont use force and military actions A merican's are greedy by nature and would sell their soul if the price was right. Just look around us and see how many companies and research local property you will be surprised what is owned by china investors. It was and is an easier form of take over don't have to clean up and rebuild what bombs and war would bring jjjust move in and set up shop.
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    They may own it, but the odds of possessing it are nil. First, they have to cross the border en mass. "behind every blade of grass" or every lamp post, there will be those to prevent evictions.

    hehehe. There are some HUGE mortgages involved that will default. Hm.

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    They'd would need carriers to break down our air and naval attacks. The aircraft on the carriers need fuel and ammunition..

    First make landing, then breakout; nowm they can forage what is left if any of them are left.
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    thank god we are borrowing trillions from china
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