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    Does it look to anyone like the new congress is going to do something worthwhile or just blow smoke and keep blowing money?
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    Hopefully they will make it so we aren't blowing as much money.
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    First resolution passed was a move to get the spending under control and FAST. Sounded like a lot of saber rattling so far.
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    If we have enough time left to be able to look back on this congress, it'll look a lot like the class of 1994 and Newt's placebo "Contract With America" Ironically, I was just talking about this night before last, with a friend who ran for Congress that year. She signed the "Contract", and we were all very excited about the future. All she has to say is what a joke it all turned out to be. I expressed the exact same thoughts to her that will come in the next paragraph, and she agreed wholeheartedly with every bit of it. Hell - she finished half of my sentences!

    My take: We may have a right wing and a left wing, but it's the same bird. And, it's the bird that sh*ts on us. (That's what it lives for.) I expect more posturing and rancor than ever, but underneath that facade it will be business as usual. At least, it will be business as usual to the extent that bailing the Titanic is a "usual" activity. They'll throw conservative voters a few bones here and there, but like good little boys and girls, they'll play along with the banksters, raising the debt ceiling as needed, etc., etc., etc. They won't repeal the Patriot Act, Obamacare or anything else that's facilitating the socialist police state. In their good cop/bad cop routine, they'll cut things right and left, which was going to happen anyway, because we're broke. (At least, they'll cut everything but their bloated salaries.)

    So, we'll get some feel-good legislation that no one will remember in two years. Overall, things will continue to get worse. Much worse. The people are largely cattle now. The middle class is being destroyed real time, and all they can talk about is football and American Idol. Did I mention that we're broke? We are. We're in a slow-motion managed collapse. We no longer produce enough to climb out of this hole, and you can't print a recovery.

    Got preps?
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    [applaud][applaud][applaud][applaud][applaud] 5 claps. Excellent post/point. Irrefutable.
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