West Virginia Gun Rationing? WTF?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. VisuTrac

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  2. Cephus

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    As soon as this gets around here it won't fly !!
  3. Alpha Dog

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    I agree and He just comitted political suicde
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  4. fedorthedog

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  5. mongovb

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    Virginia already has this law, except its 1 handgun in a 30 day period. I dont understand the rational behind it, because, you can go in and buy as many long guns as you want. If you have a concealed carry permit, you can buy as many handguns as you want though. The law never really bothered me much though since I cant afford to do that anyway. I dont think I would introduce any anti gun legislation(I wouldnt anyway) in West VA period. Just seems like common sense given the states heritage and history.
  6. CraftyMofo

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    "...which would limit the number of handguns that law-abiding individuals would be able purchase in West Virginia..."
    For chrissakes, are we really concernrd with how many law-abiding individuals buy?
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  7. Seawolf1090

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    Damnocrat Skullduggery afoot! Time to vote the morons OUT!
  8. bfayer

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    Mayors against illegal guns

    VA has it because the liberals here caved to the political will of the north east states that believe that they have a crime problem because VA sells to many guns.

    Holder got the idea to do fast and furious from Bloomberg's "Mayors against illegal guns" Bloomberg was sending his thugs into VA to buy guns to prove that New York's problem was all VA fault.

    You guys in WV should keep an eye on "Mayors against illegal guns" because you are now in it's cross hairs. If they can't get what they want from your state house they will start taking gun store owners to court like they did in VA.

    Keep in mind Bloomberg in a billionaire, and he can and will pay millions to get what he wants.
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  9. Alpha Dog

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    I think this is part of the plan to ease into limiting the amout of firearms a citizen can own. Next they will move to long guns then start limiting ammo amout we can own and purchase.
  10. Cephus

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    I'm afraid You're right A-Dog ,maybe time to get more PVC pipe I fear.
  11. Redneck Rebel

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    Law abiding or not I don't give a crap. The 2nd amendment says right to bear arms. It doesn't list ifs ands or buts. I know most of you are more than happy with infringing the rights of felons, but the simple fact is that infringing on one group, no matter how unpopular they are, leads to more infringement.
  12. mongovb

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    I thought I saw something where they are trying to repeal that law?
  13. bfayer

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    They are.

    LIS > Bill Tracking > HB940 > 2012 session

    If it makes it out of the Senate I believe the Governor will sign it. I do not have confidence that it will make it through the Senate however :(

    You guys on WV need to stop this in it's tracks. It is far easier to keep something from becoming law than it is to repeal it. Tell your Governor to tell NY if they want to stop crime, then do something about their criminals!
  14. mongovb

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    It past 16 to 5. Just got the alert.
  15. bfayer

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    That was the house not the senate, still great news, but the senate is the challenge.

    No matter how hard I try, I can't figure out how stopping law abiding citizens from spending money in the local economy will make the world a better place.

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  16. limpingbear

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    California already did that with ammo. that stupid law went into affect just after i transfered to washington state. All ammo purchaces had to be logged and tracked and you were only allowed so many rounds a month. not sure if it got challenged and overturned or not. It was right around the time Obamy got elected....
  17. VisuTrac

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    You know, that they will side step the 2nd amendment issue by getting rid of the ammo.

    there is no constitutional right to ammo just guns.

    It's really not that far fetched an idea and I'm surprised they haven't run with it further.

    first it will be pistol ammo in the big cities
    then it will be ammo for any weapon that isn't used for a sporting purpose
    then it will be your hunting cartridges and shot shells.

    sure you can have weapons, but once you can't feed it anymore, it becomes a club in a gun fight.

    Stack 'em high and deep or the components. Then acquire the knowledge on how to make cartridges with homemade propellant and primers and pass that knowledge on to your offspring so they may succeed when the rest are using rocks and sticks.

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  18. Cephus

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  19. bountyhunter

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    Does anyone know if this POS piece of legislation passed or not? Either ay,it might get the "snowball" effect
  20. Espada

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    Agreed. Just don't bury stuff too deep !
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